Thursday, March 31, 2011

My "Runway" Bride

This was taken last year, I am the Cord Secondary Sponsor in my Aunt’s wedding. After the wedding, I took the opportunity to took picture with the beautiful church. Beautiful scenery don’t you agree? ^^ I really love the place, it was perfect for weddings.

My dress owns quite story. I first wore this dress at my friend's debut. It was the first debut I will be attending so I got excited and bought 2 dresses, then, I saw this beautiful hot pink-peachy dress at a  bazaar. Even though I used all my savings buying the previous 2 dresses I told my self "I know I should buy it". I did a lot of negotiation with the store owner so she can give me a discount. We are nagtatawaran for almost 1 hour and finally she gave me like 30% discount! It was really memorable for me :) 

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Sunday, March 27, 2011


Postal Dresses

Woa! I saw this unique dress at haha. Although it's quite awkward to wear something like this, still I want to try this on :>

Pixax presents amazing postal dresses

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Friday, March 25, 2011


Sizzling Summer Tips

Quick update: I updated the Help me win Chiminess First Major Contest post, I just added a facebook page to like on # 5. Hope you guys help me!

Anyway, I'm currently working on a post called "Fast Facts", it's all about me. Hahaha! A little vain but that's not my purpose for doing that. I want you guys to know me more so we could share our common interests and favorites. Nothing special actually. Hahahaha! It's not yet done actually. It's really long. :)

And, I just want to say that my classes will start already on April 4 so I won't be able to blog more often than before. But I promise to still be updated and keep in touch with you guys.

Here's something I would like to share to y'all before I go on a short Hiatus :)

Summer Tips!
from Char

It's summer now here in the Philippines (i don't know in your country if it is also) and I want to share some summer fashion tips to rock your pool and beach parties!

So here we go,
Source: Yahoo! Images result
Pear or Triangle - Shoulders and bust or your upper body is narrower than your hips or lower body.
Cone or Inverted Triangle - Shoulders and bust or your upper body is wider than your hips or lower body.
Rectangle - Boyish or Athletic frame.
Hour glass - Curvy, Proportional.


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I wanna try these!

I had an idea that I wanted to look like a puppet for a photo shoot.
After searching Google I found out that ANTM Cycle 6 already did this concept,which is The Marionette

I really want to do this too! But I should have good background and cables first.

Another idea is The Bubbles.
I've seen a lot of picture taken with balloon, which are really cute, so what I am thinking is using bubble gum and soap bubbles to be different! 8D

For make up, I would like to make this photo more realistic. This is a plastic bag from YRYS. I really want to try the make up and the pose on this print. I want this picture to become alive! haha!

I also found a perfect make up for Char, The Chinese Dolls

The Chess Board and Ice Cream.
This is from Vogue, fancy and unique :)

Finally The Sisters,
This is really cute, if I only have a sister I would like to do this with her bwahaha

Thank you for reading!
Pictures are from Google
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Thursday, March 24, 2011



I just finished  making our new background!
it suppose to be like this:

this is my vision in making the new background

But because of resolution differences in other computers, I can't make it look like this (too bad.)
so I end up placing it in the left side. (look at here! <---- )

and here is the original image of our background! I lined it traditionally with pen and colored it using SAI. I used Adobe Photoshop in editing the background.

Char as the Runway Doll! 

Me as a photographer :>

Any comments, suggestions and violent reactions? XD

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, March 19, 2011



My friend's dog. I can't recall the dog's name o-o 

My friend Reyanna

This photo was used for our project portraying Girlie in our situation in Nutrition

Just want to share some photos I've taken, thank you for viewing :D
Let's help Char in her contest please! 
and thank you to our dear followers! We are really grateful that you appreciated our blog :"D
Btw. my finals exams will start on Monday, wish me luck guys! and pray for me please :<
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Friday, March 18, 2011


Halfway a hundred!

I am so happy that our blog now has 49 followers (and counting..) ! We're halfway 100 and I'm so excited to tell Nina about this.. I bet she haven't seen it yet 'coz she's really busy doing school stuffs, it's her finals week now.. But! It's nearly summer here so we would be more updated from then on. Speaking of Summer, we have blog contests lined up for you guys! The only problem is we don't know what to give as a prize.. We need sponsors (items, domains or cash) and in return you will be advertised here. Also, if you have any suggestions for prizes, please just comment here or leave us a message at our form (tagboard navigation)

On the other hand, our poll has been very inconsistent for the past few weeks and it's great because many of you are voting and we would know what you guys like more for our blog. The top 3 items have been changing ranks for weeks now and it even had a tie! It will be on for the whole march so just keep voting guys!

Here's something to share..
I went to my mom's friend's wedding and I am their Cord Secondary Sponsor.. I wore this amazing navy blue floor length gown and my hair and make-up was by Metro Salon.

And here are some pictures when I got home and removed all the bobby pins in my hair..

with fake eyelashes :)

natural .. :)

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Monday, March 14, 2011


Pray for Japan

Pray for everyone's safety.
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Hello Facebook!

Hey everyone!
Char and Nina is now on Facebook! We're now promoting our fan page in Facebook. If you have a Facebook account, please do check it out!
It's not for bragging, it's for blog updates, advertisements, contests announcements and anything So far, there's no updates 'coz we just opened that page but we'll make sure to update it soon. We've decided to make a Facebook page because there are a lot of Facebook users nowadays and we thought that it will be a great way to advertise our blog outside the blogger world.
We hope you like it!

Here's a link to our FB page. You can also see this like box at the right sidebar under the "Follow Char & Nina" tab.

Be updated!

P.S. We are planning to have a giveaway when we reached 100 Followers. As for now, we have 46.. But this is not yet sure! 
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Sunday, March 13, 2011


Supportive Blogger Award

CharNina Productions
"The Awesome! Supportive Blogger Award"

Here's the code for the image :)

You can repost this on your blog so we'll know that you've received it already.. :)

Thank You to everyone who have been supporting us and helping us in the contests that we join.
Like I said in my previous blog update, I'll be sending our awesome blogger friends this cute award as a token of appreciation. We are really grateful to have friends like you so here's an award originally made by Char & Nina for you! Hope you like it!

From Char:

"To those who helped me in the Chiminess First Major Contest either by re-posting the post or making me as your referrer, Thank You!"

From Nina:

"To those who voted for me at the Kawaii Junkie contest, though I didn't win. I still appreciate that you helped me. Thank you!"

Sin Li

We only announced here those who declared that they helped us but if missed someone, please tell us so. Just drop a comment here!

P.S. Answer our POLL please (located at the right sidebar)

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Friday, March 11, 2011

More Char's baby pictures

Sorry if our blog has been flooded with contest files and such. We promise to clean it all up after everything has been done. :)

Also, thank you for our new followers! 45 followers already (and counting..)! Answer our poll at the right sidebar under the "survey for the month" tab so we'll know what you guys like to see more on our blog..

As for the previous post, here's more of my baby pictures!

I enjoyed scanning my baby pictures though I was only oblige to get one or two but I ended up scanning nine! It was kind of emotional looking at these pictures 'coz I  realized that I wasn't a baby anymore.. I'm going to turn 18 on July. Why can't we stop the time even for an hour? I miss being a child. It's the one moment that you can't get back anymore. Being a child/baby gives you a privilege to lots of things like discount passes, free entrances, people compliment you always, you have flawless skin, you don't worry about getting fat, you don't get in trouble because they consider you always, no heartbreaks (unless your childhood crush didn't like you at all or somebody broke your toy), no financial problems (at least your parents never tell you "use your own money if you want to buy that!"), no emotional and school stress, no serious problems at all. I don't get why a lot of kids want to be grown ups already.. Why can't they just appreciate the advantage of being a kid? It won't last forever so might at least enjoy it while it lasts! So if you're one right now, Enjoy being in that age. Hope you get my point.

"Baby Char"
Reminiscing my childhood times

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 8, 1996, Age: 3 years old

December 8, 1996, Age: 3 years old

Hihihi. I didn't know that I was that vain and fashonista even as a kid. Hahahah! Kidding! Oh well! Whatcha guys think? Do I still look like that now? Hehee.

Hope Nina will add more of hers too!

Share me your thoughts. Drop a comment.

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Thursday, March 10, 2011


We will not grow old

Baby Char and Baby Nina!  
aren't they cute  

Baby Char
Char: "Nina forced me to look for some baby pictures of me and as I was rummaging our old pile of photo albums, i kept on saying 'how cute!, why am i so cute before and not now?' hahaha!"

Baby Nina, "look how fat I am!"

So what do you think? :)) bata pa lang model na! hahaha just kidding 

Because of these photos Char and I wanted to make baby picture inspired photos (like what ANTM c13 did at "Re-Enacting Baby Photos" look at here!)

Since I am showing you our ancient-times, here below are picture from our last year photo shoot  
(we used digital camera and tripod so we can have picture together.) 

Fun pic from last year! 

Atmosphere pink and gray dress
Celine gladiator wedges (courtesy of Char!)
star layered necklace

Mint gray and black dress
Vivacci shiny leather black shoes

thank you for reading!


Please help me win Almost Spring Contest!
step 1:
go to this link
step 2:
go to the lower right, find the poll and vote NINA

Thank you all who already voted me and will vote me 
a BIG HUG for every one!

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