Friday, January 25, 2013


Alternatives to dresses for evenings out

In 2013, rather than freezing in a dress on an evening out, how about considering some options that will cover you up and hide the goosebumps? Whether you are hitting the town with the girls and having a few cocktails or having a romantic evening out with your lover, you can be elegant without a dress. And, let’s face it; this winter is just too cold to be wearing a dress comfortably!

One great timeless option is a shirt. The sophistication of well-fitted women’s shirts is unmatched. The variety of materials – denim, viscose, silk, lace – means there’s a great selection to choose from. Even casual flannel shirts can be made to look classy with the right outfit and heels. For the bottoms, a safe choice is black trousers. It’s all in the colour. Black will forever be a colour that represents elegance and grace. Also, not only will these trousers cover your legs but they can be worn with everything, every colour, every fabric and every style.

Another item to top off your outfit is a leather jacket. These biker-styled jackets are massive trends this season and look amazing with studs, asymmetric zips and wide collars and lapels. Furthermore, they are great for keeping out a cold, biting wind.

If a leather jacket isn’t really your style, a lighter alternative is a great blazer. Suits are taking over this season and proving to be more feminine then people tend to think. Don’t knock them, until you’ve tried them! Pashminas and shawls are also great ways to keep warm as you stroll through the city at night. They can complement – and bring the colour out of – an outfit, and mean that you won’t need to sneakily steal your partner’s jacket in order to avoid freezing.

All in all, these aren’t just options for the winter season but great, comfortable options for all year round or for any chilly evening. Representing classiness, simplicity and comfort, you won’t even miss that beautiful dress of yours that’s so dreadful at keeping you warm.

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Tuesday, January 22, 2013


Unique Way to Wear Jewelry

If you are tired wearing the usual body jewelry like earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, but you won’t dare to try to be pierced just to try a new different way to wear jewelry. Well, there are tons of ways how. Body chains, nail rings and ear cuffs are on the top of my list. 

Body chain. Now that summer is near, body chain jewelry is the perfect way to accessorize your swimsuits and bikinis. It started to become a trend when celebrities like Rihanna, Whitney Port and Miley Cyrus tried the style. But these accessories are not limited to swimsuits and bikinis, because you can also wear it in formal events to add eccentric sophisticated touch to your outfit. 
Rihanna, Whitney Port and Miley Cyrus 

Nail Ring. I know that nail art is what girls usually put to add glam in their hands; well, pairing nail ring together with nail art will add twist to your typical nail glam. 
Nicole Richie

Ear cuff. You can wear it from feminine to edgy look. Ear cuffs became popular these days because you can wear it without needing any piercing to your ears. These jewelries  are just slip-ons. All you need to do is to hung this to your ears and easily achieve the edgy and unique style.
Lara Bingle
Alicia Keys

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Winning Forever 21 shopping spree with Lissa Kahayon

Just an hour before I cut all my curls (post here) I got an email from The Mall of Asia informing me that I won a Forever 21 shopping spree from their giveaway! Me and my friends has this belief that when I got my hair permed (see post about that here), I became luckier. Winning different contests and giveaways back and forth. Therefore we have a theory na swerte ang kulot or the curls bring me luck. And just hours before I got it all rid off, I received my final blessing from the Curly Hair Fairy. Well technically it's just a coincidence but... haha! Anyway, so when the shopping spree day came, I am more than excited. I'm thrilled because I'll get to shop with Lissa Kahayon. I love them all but I selected Lissa in the giveaway because I've met her a couple of times now and she's really nice. I also love her style so I think we would both agree during shopping.

I was the only one from Lissa's winners who attended the shopping spree. Others just claimed their GCs. They might have some important stuffs that day. I was glad coz I get to shop and bond with Lissa all to myself! loool haha!

All the bloggers present that day for the event: Verniece, Vern, Lissa, Dani and Paul
Lissa and I bought that same shorts she was holding in this picture, and I told her "Yey! Terno tayo" haha!

 And here's my ultimate companion for that day. Nadine, thank you so much for coming with me!

 Some of my instagram posts during that day (@secretcharmm)

Dani's instagram!
Photo of Lissa and I from Dani Barretto's blog.
Another photo I grabbed from Dani's. The bloggers and their winners.
Photo taken by Paul himself! :) Found it in his blog as well.

Photo on Dani's winner, Bea's blog grabbed from Patrick.

Thank you so much for Mall of Asia and Forever 21 for the giveaway! I had so much fun meeting and shopping with Lissa, Dani, Vern, Verniece and Paul!
P.S. How do you like my new hair? :)

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Sunday, January 13, 2013


New year, New hair

So I've finally decided to make the cut.. lol. After a year and 3 months of digi-permed hair, tangles and heavy mane, this was it. I let go of my beloved hair worth who knows what and I literally cried the night after. Haha

It was New Year's Eve when I went to Bench Fix Salon at Ever Gotesco Commonwealth to have the traditional new year's hair cut. The salon was packed. I have to schedule an appointment and even waited an hour after my scheduled time before they could entertain me. Fortunately, I was with my two friends Chriza and Marinette so I didn't get bored in the process. Marinette also had her haircut and Chriza was just as supportive as ever. She's my ultimate salon date like when I had digi-perming, she accompanied me for hours! 
Chriza on plaid top.
They blow-dried my extremely tangled and curly hair that I didn't brush/comb for more than a year! Ha! 

Eww for my damaged ends.
I didn't know my hair was this long already when straightened! I feel like a mermaid!
While waiting...
The first cut! I thought we will already maintain this length, but then he still keep cutting. I didn't complain at first because I thought he was just styling it. It ended up way shorter.
This was all my hair -- now gone. :(

I guess it didn't turn out exactly how I wanted it but I kinda grew to like it. I've missed having short and straight hair. It's so much different now since I have to comb my hair, it dries faster and much much lighter now than it used to be. But! I'm still not done with my ideal hair transformation. I'm just waiting for it to grow more a bit and I'll probably visit Azta Urban Salon soon. :) Already guessed what my next hair idea is? 

P.S. What do you think of my new hair? :)
Instagram: @secretcharmm

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