Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Trendy Sunnies

Who doesn't need glasses? We do! Especially under the blazing heat of the Manila sun! You could never go out on a day here without sunglasses on hand. May it be for protection or fashion or both! Without it you will end up blinded by the sunlight like this.. lol! offers all kinds of glasses from different brands both for men and women. Top brands like Vera Wang, Oakley, Converse, Elizabeth Arden, Guess and True Religion are among the few of their best sellers. I also found some sunglasses from that look like the ones worn by Hollywood celebrities.

Selena Gomez

True Religion Jeff Aviator

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

Maui Jim Pau Hana Wayfarer

Vanessa Hudgens

Emma Roberts

Derek Lam Chelsea Cat Eye

Kendall Jenner

Affliction Kent Eyeglasses

Taylor Swift

Derek Lam Lucy Round

Louis Tomlinson

Zac Efron

Maui Jim Pilot Aviators

Justin Bieber

Spy Bowery Square

Ed Westwick
Ernest Hemingway 4706 Retro

*Celebrity photos searched from Yahoo! Images
*Sunglasses photos from, not the actual glasses worn by celebrities.

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Sunday, June 17, 2012


DIY Fringe Cropped Shirt

What you need: 
  1. old shirt
  2. ruler
  3. tailor's chalk
  4. scissors

Step 1: Make a guide. 
You can use a sleeveless-shirt or a sando as your guide on cutting the sleeves. Line it with your tailor's chalk.
Using a ruler, mark your desired length of your cropped shirt. Under the line, make strips like in the picture below. These lines will be your guide for your fringes.
Step 2: Start cutting and tie those fringes. 
Start cutting the sleeves and the strips you made. Then, tie it at the edge near your desired length of your cropped shirt, and that's it, you're done!

Finish product: 
Tomato peach blazer | DIY black fringe cropped shirt | 168 floral blue skirt | SM department store stockings | Mattewo denim heels | Blogger's United Bazaar brown straw hat | 168 leather cuffs

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Carrot Skirt

Summer is officially over here in the Philippines unlike in America which is just starting. *envy mode* And my classes will start tomorrow so I'll be a lot stressed and busy again for the next 4 months. We also wear uniform everyday so it won't be blog-worthy in fashion sense, hence, my blogging activities will be very timid again. Ugh. I hate it when I have nothing to blog because there's nothing new or exciting happening to my life. I love blogging, by the way. lol.

So here's one of my lazy summer outfits back in April. When it's super hot, I don't want to put too much layers and it's the perfect excuse to wear skirts. I love this carrot-colored skirt because I just got this on sale, it's the last stock and it's my size. Talk about destiny.

Top and skirt from Plains & Prints | I also wore this shoes here from Unlisted

I think the sheer texture and cut-out details of this top is just right for summer. I felt breezy the whole day. I also tied the top so it won't look too corporate. Usually, this kind of style goes as tucked-in to the skirt but since this one is actually a pencil skirt, it will look like I'm on a business attire so if you tie it this way it will make it look more casual and laid-back. The carrot color also adds to the casualness of the outfit.

So what do you think of my outfit?

On a different note, it's Philippines' Independence Day! Happy Independence Day everyone!

Source: Google Images

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Sunday, June 10, 2012


Back to School: DeNovo

Last week, June 3, was the last day of my summer vacation. This means back to reality; back to school again. And this photo, that looks like I'm breaking free, was actually the opposite of what I felt; I am again, a prisoner to the realm of my studies.

On the other way though, I didn't have any regrets on how I've spent my summer vacation, and no doubt, I can really say that I enjoyed my summer a lot :D 
  • I tried something new

  • I tried something old

  • to-the-max bonding with my friends

  • went to seminar and bazaars
Lissa Kahayon x David Guison Workshop
Bloggers United 3

  • went to Philippine Fashion Week

  • read and painted a lot

  • went through water (fave part!)

Summer fulfilled, and should reorient myself to my studies now.

About my look, I am wearing a simple preppy style:
Vintage pink blouse from my mom's cabinet | Denim shorts | TheRamp elevated oxford shoes | Mogul blue notebook bag | Geeky glasses

I spent my last Sunday summer vacation together with my family at Himlayang Pilipino, It's my lola's birthday kasi :) 
My cousins played my shoe lace, they said that I should tie my laces like this. Pausuhin ko daw yung 'Surgical Tie' haha and add daw some grass-pompoms para may dating haha 
The Surgical tie
The Surgical tie with pom-poms

I love ate mumoy's strawberry earrings :">

This is Chicken, an odd name my cousin gave to her dog haha
We able to catch the shooting of My Beloved. I'm not really a fan, but catching shooting is not an everyday event though; so I took some photos.
That's Katrina Halili (green dress), Mikael Daez (white polo) and Marian Rivera (brown t-shirt)

That's for now, there is a load of works already waiting for me. I promise not to abandon posting on our blog again; I will manage my time to post, despite the fact that I'm busy on my studies. This is "For the love of fashion and blogging!" haha it's our new motto.
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