Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A shop-food-trip-date with Chriza

I had a date with my dear friend Chriza at Trinoma last Monday November 29, 2010. She need to buy gift for her exchange gift in their Christmas party. I agreed to accompany with a condition that we should have food-trip! heehee~

The one in stripes is me and the other one wearing the indigo top is Chriza.

By the way, Char is also with us! But she had to do an important matter so we had to separate.

A glimpse of Char (wearing peach)

Chapter One 

Chriza need to buy gifts for her exchange gift and she is hoping to find a nice green top for their Christmas party.

Shopping list:
1. Gift 1 (for a boy)
2. Gift 2 (for a boy also)
3. Green Top

On our way searching gifts for these two boys we tried...


For P80.00 you can have these big heart rings at Pop Culture.


For P140.00 (something) you can have this shiny cute police cap.


I don't know how much a one cap cost, I forgot to look hehe but you can buy these on Comic Alley.

Chriza saw a shirt in Pinoy Lab which she bought for Gift no. 1

Chriza holding the Gift 1

She bought her Gift no.2 at Art work which where we bought our shirts too :)
The Design on my shirt is Mag-tataho and hers is Sorbetero. And here how it looks.

Me wearing magtataho and Chriza wearing sorbetero

In real life here is magtataho and sorbetero looks like.

(from top left clockwise: magtataho, taho, sorbetes, sorbetero)
  • Magtataho - One who sells Taho.
  • Taho - Fresh tofu with sago and arnibal.
  • Sago - made from starch in small circle shapes when boiled in water it becomes edible.
  • Arnibal - Sugar syrup.
  • Sorbetero - One who sells sorbetes or dirty ice cream as they called it.
  • Sorbetes or Dirty Ice Cream - Ice cream which is coconut milk is used instead of dairy milk with touch of Filipino flavors such as cheese, buko, cookies&cream, strawberry, ube, etc.

We had fun shopping, but too bad we did not find a nice green top for Chriza.

Chapter Two 
Food Trip - Crazy Crepes

We like sweets.
For a change, we went to "no cone zone"
and we met the Crazy Crepes!

  • Crepes - very thin pancake with variety of fillings like cream, ice cream, fruits, chocolate, nuts, etc.

How do they make this?

  1. They make these thin pancakes with a flat circular frying pan.
  2. Then they will put the fillings you chose.
  3. It will be rolled like a cone.
  4. TADA its done!
How about the taste?

See those happy faces? haha

Sweet and creammmmy! yumm-yumm! Ice cream, whipped cream, fresh fruits, chocolate, nuts and the thin pancake taste delicious all together. I say its a perfect dessert! :)

And for drinks, we went to Starbucks.

Chapter Three 

Me on left and Chriza on right

And here is our outfit.

  1. Curly hair (I used flat irons in here! ^_^)
  2. Loose brown stripe shirt
  3. Liquid leggings
  4. Gray & black doll shoes
  5. Robot necklace and Green bangles
  1. Puff sleeve violet top
  2. Semi-liquid leggings
  3. Doll shoes chucks
  4. Yellow bag

We did a lot of wacky poses too!

Chriza on the escalator, blocking every body to pass lol!

(from right) Chriza with Yogi Bear. Me copying the pose on the poster. Chriza on chainsaw?

Hope you enjoyed!

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What is Yogurt?

According to Wikipedia,
Yogurt is a dairy product produced by bacterial fermentation of milk. Fermentation of lactose produces lactic acid, which acts on milk protein to give yoghurt its texture and its characteristic tang.
The milk is heated to about 80 °C to kill any undesirable bacteria and to change the milk proteins so that they set together rather than form curds. It is then cooled to about 45 °C. The bacteria culture is added, and this temperature is maintained for 4 t
o 7 hours for fermentation.

It has many nutritional benefits that is good for the diet. It contains Lactobacillus, good bacterias that is good for digestion.
Yogurt is naturally sour, but nowadays they put flavors to make it m
ore tastier.

(this is not me!)

The first time I ate yogurt is when I'm a little girl at seven years old...

as far as I remember, It was a Nestle yogurt strawberry flavor.
As for a child who likes sweets, it taste awful.
It is sour and have tangy texture. I really don't like it.

Yesterday, we went to the grocery. On the dairy section I saw the Nestle yogurt, it has different flavors than before. I wanted to taste one again and to know what will my rea
ction be (because I hated yogurt because of the awful taste it made in my childhood.)

It has many flavors to choose from but I bought
Nestle Melon Nata.

Nutrition facts:
Serving size 125g
Energy 111Kcal
Proteins 4.0g
Fat 1.7g
Carbohydrate 20g
Calcium 113mg

Live Yogurt Culture 1.25billion

Billion live yogurt culture? I think my tummy will like this :)

When we got home,
I got my spoon,
Opened the cup,
scoop a little,
and then,
AAMmm... hmmm...

It taste quite good.

And I like the Nata with melon :) it is not sour but it still have tang texture.
And it feels so healthy eating yogurt because of its healthy benefits.

I encourage you to read more! click here to learn more about yogurts

1. Yogurt is easier to digest than milk.
2. Yogurt contributes to colon health.
3. Yogurt improves the bioavailability of other nutrients.
4. Yogurt can boost immunity.
5. Yogurt aids healing after intestinal infections.
6. Yogurt can decrease yeast infections.
7. Yogurt is a rich source of calcium.
8. Yogurt is an excellent source of protein.
9. Yogurt can lower cholesterol.
10. Yogurt is a "grow food."

I think I'll make a habit to eat yogurt. I am a constipated person, my bowels are irregular hehe and eating products with Lactobacillus (like Yakult, Wam, skim milk etc.
) is good for my digestion plus if add it with a high fiber diet and drinking a lot of water I will be no longer constipated wuhoo!!

(form moyashimon the microbes)

Having a nutrition class
you to be
that is why
I am trying to eat

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Monday, November 29, 2010


Science Project

It's Biology time! :) Our topics are the Excretory System and the Circulatory System so we dissected a Kindey and Heart of a PIG. (Take note: P-I-G, not human's) *teehee*

omg. I'm so disgusted by it's slimy surface, though, Cherie and Joyce were enjoying touching and playing with it. haha. :)

(from left) Joyce, Me and Cherie
Pig's Heart

(from Left) Me, Cherie & Ceasar

(from Left) Joyce & Cherie
Pig's Kidney

Yes, it stinks like damn.

Our written report!
(I drew this.. wew.)

After all, we were starved and we ate at the canteen..

Ceasar's favorite snack is the "Jjampong" noodles from Lucky Me

He usually starts off very fresh and clean (i dont know if this is the right 
term but.. oh well!)

And ends up super sweaty 'coz of the Jjampong's spicy-ness.. :))

(Left) Joyce ate biscuits and (Right) I ate Ensaymada -- w/c is not shown in the picture (Filipino term for bread filled with cheese) and Nescafe Freeze for drink. We also shared the Baked Macaroni.. :) Yum!

Cherie ate Pillows and drink C2. (too much detailing, i think)

Now, we're full :)


Note: Sorry for the lazy blogging. The blog bug's effect wear off.. Hahaha. Kidding. I'm just busy with all the schoolworks and stuff. I promise I'll make it up to you guys, though. Nina will fill up while I'm gone. :D That's the advantage of having two authors. <3 I LOVE my Co-Author/Bestfriend. :) *Giggles* Well, gotta take a bath now. So toodles! >;P
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