Saturday, February 25, 2012


Our Pre-loved Items for Sale!

We're super excited to announce that we're now selling some of our pre-loved items for the first time. Yipee! We'll be posting shoes soon, too!

Everything is priced below 250 pesos and has one stock only! So hurry! We are accepting orders in our Facebook fan page:

What you girls think?

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pre-Valentine Date

What: Char, Chriza and Nina's Pre-Valentine date
Where: TCB Don Antonio branch
When: February 12, 2012

And because it's valentines day I just want to share a joke that I read from facebook,
Sa mga Broken Hearted : HAPPY HALLOWEEN
Sa Madaming BF / GF : HAPPY FIESTA
We are all single, the three of us all lies in the category of "Independence day", I think? Haha. And so we planed this day for our date. Valentines is not only for lovers :) "there are all kinds of love..." just like Holly said.

We are supposed to have lunch at the KC Chicken. My friend suggested that place because it has affordable and delicious meals with extremely delicious kimchi, as he described. But, unfortunately, its branch at Don Antonio was closed before we knew it. And so, we end up eating at TCB. We already ate here before, but this time we are not having unli-cake. We tried their pastas:

Malunggay Pesto

Longganisa Carbonara 
And oh by the way, I made Char and Chriza grahams! :"> 

Char had a field trip at the CCP, she left Chriza and I alone. We went to SMF after lunch to buy this super huge eraser at the same time Chriza is planning to by a dress for valentines day (not for a date though, her other three friends had a deal that they would wear dress at valentines).
I supposed to have more picture on this post, but my phone was lost that day :( and all of our pictures were saved there. On the postive side, I am thankful that there is nothing else bad happend to me except from losing my phone. 

That's all for now, belated happy valentines day everybody! <3 

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Friday, February 10, 2012


We love what we do

We forgot to bring a mirror so this is Char being koboy
Our van (slash) dressing room.
Looks like it was prepared by a crew but honestly, it was just the two of us.

Red poncho from TNC Manila (sponsor prize) | hot pink bandage skirt from Divisoria | black booties from Parisian | gem ring from Yen's Butingthings

Sequined polo top from TNC Manila (sponsor prize) | black liquid leggings

Floral jumpsuit from TNC Manila (sponsor prize) | turban from Rockwell Tent bazaar | single feather earring from Simone's Closet | black wedges from People are People

Good thing the gardener didn't sweep off the dry leaves yet, it was perfect for this outfit! Oh how I wish we have Autumn here in the Phils.
"My favorite outfit from the shoot!" -Char
Black scalloped top from Sachico Shop | denim maxi skirt from Simone's Closet (sponsor prize)

Model, Photographer, Stylist, Hair and Make-up Artist: Char and Nina
Location: PAGASA Science Garden Complex

We don't have assistance from anyone in this photoshoot. lol. We did everything by ourselves.
We are really hoping that we could do collaborations with other bloggers, photographer, HMUA in the future. It would be fun to meet and bond with new people of the same interest. If you're interested, contact us! :)

ENDS MARCH 4, 2011.

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