Thursday, March 10, 2011

We will not grow old

Baby Char and Baby Nina!  
aren't they cute  

Baby Char
Char: "Nina forced me to look for some baby pictures of me and as I was rummaging our old pile of photo albums, i kept on saying 'how cute!, why am i so cute before and not now?' hahaha!"

Baby Nina, "look how fat I am!"

So what do you think? :)) bata pa lang model na! hahaha just kidding 

Because of these photos Char and I wanted to make baby picture inspired photos (like what ANTM c13 did at "Re-Enacting Baby Photos" look at here!)

Since I am showing you our ancient-times, here below are picture from our last year photo shoot  
(we used digital camera and tripod so we can have picture together.) 

Fun pic from last year! 

Atmosphere pink and gray dress
Celine gladiator wedges (courtesy of Char!)
star layered necklace

Mint gray and black dress
Vivacci shiny leather black shoes

thank you for reading!


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