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I was so excited when I saw the LDN shirt inside the plastic bag, I've been waiting for this for a month! Then when I opened it my first impression was that the material's okay, the size is huge for a free size and the stitching is still undone. Overall, my first impression was disappointed.

Sample photo in the website

The LDN Shirt costs $6.85 in the Rosewholesale website. It pretty much is cheap for a shirt like that but satisfaction and quality-wise, the price is just right.

The product title says "Round Neck Plus Size Letter Print Half Sleeve T-Shirt For Women". I know the title mentioned Plus Size but the model in the sample photo isn't a plus size so i thought it referred to the letter print (LDN) as plus size. I think I ignored the measurements because it also says "Free Size" on the size option upon shopping. I just realized that the measurements were really XXL or even greater as indicated. The sample photo was really misleading. As a result, it turned out to be a sweater-like fit on me which I was not expecting.

Actual item received:

When worn:

Plains & Prints pants
Dresslily beanie | Forever 21 sunnies 
Sophie Paris lipstick in Russian Red

Rate - 7/10
Actual item looks exactly like the product photo except for the sizing illusion. It really is bigger than a usual oversized shirt. Some of my friends noticed that it's huge for me too. My photos when worn may look like it's just right, but I guess that's the illusion of this shirt. It looks good in photos. But I still like the print though and I think I can still wear it during my comfy laidback days.

Sample photo in the website
The second item I ordered was this Leopard print dress. It costs $6.12. I really thought this was a straight dress. But when I opened it, it was actually 2-piece. That disappointed me at first because the skirt (and top) looks absolutely low-quality and cheap. Now I know where Divisoria gets their clothes. My first thought was I would just use it at home because of the cheap material. The skirt was also nothing special. It was just cut in a certain way. But read on for my change of perception.

Actual product:

When worn:

Firmoo sunnies

Rate - 6.5/10
After I ironed, tried and styled on the pair, I actually quite liked it. It looks good in photos and when worn than in actual. I could style it in a multitude of ways too. The skirt is a wee bit short though but it's good for a casual day out.

Overall Rosewholesale Experience: Quality-wise, you might think twice but for its affordable prices, I guess it's okay. Shipping also takes about a month like in my Dresslily experience and I'm not a fan of long shipments. But their items and clothes are really affordable, trendy and extraordinary so might wanna check their site for wholesale shopping or just for fun.

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