Monday, February 28, 2011


"BLOG CONTEST: A Story to Remember" Countdown

Howdy Girls and Guys! Our 1st ever blog contest will officially close at 11:59pm Philippine Time / PST. On my watch you still have 7 hours left to send your entries if you just found out about our contest today or just made up your mind to join. Well, you still are all welcome to join but be sure to take note of the time. Prizes are great for first-time hosts of blog contest. So hope y'all appreciate it! Btw, THANK YOU to those who already joined! They're just few but it's fine. We'll host other better contests in the future! Hope you still join.. I think we'll announce the winner tomorrow, so for all the participants be updated!

Our new form was successful in delivering your messages so I also thank those who left us a message at our Dear Char or Nina Form. (located at the Tagboard navigation) Sorry for a few days of late reply, I'll try to answer your messages sooner.

Another thing, please answer the poll at the right sidebar under the Survey for the Month tab. We need that for future improvement of our blog! Just one vote and you'll help us a lot! Thanks!

We really appreciate it!

Lots of Love Always,

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Sunday, February 27, 2011


We had a snack at Koryo
These potatoes are called "Garlic Potato"

it is fried potatoes with skins! and they put dressings uhm a little sweet and sour? and of course the taste of garlic :)

I searched about it it said that it containmayo, rice vinegar, soy, minced garlic, and sugar

a cup like this cost 65 pesos
and yeah it's worth of peso haha

we really like this koryo garlic potato
so why don't visit sometime? :D

it is located at the sky walk at SM North EDSA :D yay enjoy!

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Loosen Up!

UPDATE: Hey everyone! Been busy editing this blog that's why I wasn't able to post.. I changed our poll again. Please please answer our poll at the right sidebar under the "Survey for the month" tab. We need to know what you guys like to see more on our blog so that we could improve. Haha anyway! I have tons of things to share to y'all but I got a very big problem. Please Help! I CANNOT UPLOAD PICTURES ANYMORE! Blogger says that I exceeded the 1GB Storage in Picasa Web Albums.. I don't know what to do.. Paying for storage is definitely not in my choice. And I won't be able to blog without uploading pictures. Pictures express more! Does anyone experienced this kind of situation? How'd you fix it? And I can't delete pictures from before 'coz it'll be deleted permanently in our blog.. PLEASE HELP!

On a different note, the A Story to Remember blog contest ends tomorrow. You still have 1 more day to join!

Feb. 25, 2011 is a working holiday "People Power Revolution" in the Philippines. Nina didn't have class so we took advantage and shopped for the next day's party that we're both invited to.

Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo

Beef Okiyakiudon

Chicken Yakiudon

Snack at Koryo

Garlic Potato is YUM!


2-Finger Ring

Ring from Comic Alley

Check out our Chictopia page!

Lots of Love <3,

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

so what's new?

Char made new changes in our blog, and so I am here to tell you what it is! haha


Please answer our poll on the right side bar so that we'll know what post interest you ^^  and so we could improve our blog..


I really love this part ^^ you can send us messages either for link exchange, suggestions, inquiries, personal messages and violent reactions (oh no, please haha).

It is located in the "TAGBOARD" navigation but the previous chatbox (shoutmix) is still there for public messages, greetings and advertisements (for your blog). Still drop us a tag, okay?


our badge was moved to the "blogger world" navigation which is originally located in the "tagboard" navigation. Feel free to link us using our badge ^^ 

Char did not edit this one, but I did haha 

I placed my recent picture! yay! and I added little things about me :D 
and also if you have time visit my chictopia!

Thank you for reading! 

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