Friday, March 25, 2011

I wanna try these!

I had an idea that I wanted to look like a puppet for a photo shoot.
After searching Google I found out that ANTM Cycle 6 already did this concept,which is The Marionette

I really want to do this too! But I should have good background and cables first.

Another idea is The Bubbles.
I've seen a lot of picture taken with balloon, which are really cute, so what I am thinking is using bubble gum and soap bubbles to be different! 8D

For make up, I would like to make this photo more realistic. This is a plastic bag from YRYS. I really want to try the make up and the pose on this print. I want this picture to become alive! haha!

I also found a perfect make up for Char, The Chinese Dolls

The Chess Board and Ice Cream.
This is from Vogue, fancy and unique :)

Finally The Sisters,
This is really cute, if I only have a sister I would like to do this with her bwahaha

Thank you for reading!
Pictures are from Google


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