Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Summer Girls

Whenever I'm with these two people, it's impossible not to have fun. We never miss a laugh or a smile together. We never get bored and we can be whatever in front of each other.
This was officially my first day of summer, hence the title. My summer classes just ended so I booked myself with lakwatsa for each day I have left before the first semester begins which by the way is just 2 weeks from now.
top from my mom | Landmark tulle skirt | Sophie Paris  watch
I was feeling a bit girly and Korean in this outfit. I also learned this hairstyle in YouTube and tried if I can do it with my untamed hair.

Firmoo shades
My favorite shades at the moment! Read my review about it here.
Belladonna bag
Tomato oxfords

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Monday, May 28, 2012


Pizza Time!

What: Miryenda-date with Char and Chriza
Where: Yellow Cab, Trinoma 
When: May 24, 2012 Thursday

What I'm wearing: Tomato floral green dress | Wood beaded necklace | Black rubber flats | Chloe gray faux leather bag

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Lil' Puppy Joins the Shoot

Last Sunday we went to Himlayang Pilipino to visit my Lola and Lolo's graves. I intentionally picked dark clothes to make my outfit gloomy to match the cementery's ambiance haha.

When I sit down to take this picture, my puppy, Tipsy suddenly came to me as if she wants to be in the photo too. I unleashed and grabbed her.
It's awesome because my brother captured all that moment haha.

Say cheese~!
Even after the picture with me, she still wants the camera's attention haha. She almost licked my camera, by the way XD

I really enjoyed this day, especially because I am with my lovely my cousins :D 

My outfit: 
SM department store black sleeveless top | Landmark animal print maxi skirt | Bazaar zebra print shoes | Leather cuffs form a online shop | Pop-culture brown belt

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Sunday, May 20, 2012


Wishing a Fairy tale

Like my previous posts, Nippon and Imma Rockstar, this is also a product of boredom haha. 

My photo inspiration:
photo by Alvin Valencia
One of my favorite deviations I found on Deviant Art. The photo was warm, with a dreamy atmosphere and a kawaii gyaru model. Since, I am only using a tripod and a self-timer camera, it's hard to look a place to capture myself, so guess, I failed having the dreamy background. But with my DIY floral head band, thick eye make-up and false lashes, fairy wings from a toy section in department store, trifted lace light peach sweater, and chiffon layered tulle from Landmark; I tried to look gyaru (gyaru is a fashion look originated from Japan) as much as possible, it's good that I already had this detachable-bangs, haha! It completed the look...really!

What do you think about the look? Did I fail or not? :O
Thank you for reading!

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