Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Bring Fashion to Your Home

collage photos from www.decorativ.com

Styling and fashion does not only limit to the clothes you wear or the shoes you fit. Fashion is everywhere but our inspiration starts from our very own home. The decorations and the furniture pieces you pick for your room, dormitory or home also reflect your tastes and references in styling.

Decorativ.com has affordable pieces of contemporary furniture that fits in the style of a modern woman. They offer their items online which is an advantage for our busy days. Just a click and you can browse and canvas their items straight from home! Plus, when you sign up to their website, they will offer you their products up to 70% off retail. This site will help you in finding great deals especially for larger quantity needs. You can propose for wholesale deals or contracts.

What I like about their site is that they have a clear description of their products: what they are made of, the size and dimensions, and the features of the certain product. Also, aside from their innovative designs, the quality of their products are durable and efficient.

So are you moving out? Or getting a new dorm? Visit Decorativ.com and you might find some of the coolest items you might need.

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Monday, September 24, 2012


Chalk Fashion Rocks 2012

We attended the Chalk Fashion Rocks last September 16 at the Mall of Asia Atrium! How about you? It was so much fun dropping by all the booths, having photo-ops and of course, claiming freebies! We went home with so much stuff. Trust me, our luggage for that day doubled as we went home. We went there early because Nina had to be somewhere else later that day. We weren't able to see the highlight of the event, though! The fashion show and all the bloggers and celebrities. That's frustrating! But we sure did have fun, still. I was also one of the winners of the raffle, which I just found out thru their facebook page. Too bad, I didn't hear my name get called up or see my name on the screen.. Nina saw hers because she was awarded earlier. She was one of the "Best Dressed" by Skin White. *clap**clap*

This game is so funny! We tried Boxing first and I won. Thanks to my muscles! *lol* and then Nina beat me at Volleyball. I was never good at that sport! Even virtually. *sobs* This is actually a bit tiring, too! It's like playing the sport for real.

Ms. Dani Baretto with Char and Nina :)

We also met James who asked to take a photo of us during the event.
Check out his blog and post 'here'. Thank you James! Nice meeting you!

My asian-schoolgirl-inspired look
Forever 21 top
Landmark tulle skirt | Tomato watch | Chalk baller
Celine bag | My Tony & Jackey's digital permed hair after almost a year (no products used)
Tightsplease heart panel tights | Call it Spring boots
I super love these tights. They give you full coverage and support.
We'll be posting more about these soon.
You can purchase more cute and affordable tights at TightsPlease.

Nina's party-but-classy-school-girl look
Tomato blazer | Landmark top
Frances Manila bullet bracelet | Mattewo heels
Parisian bag |  | Details leather pants cut into shorts

Did you went to Chalk Fashion Rocks, too?

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Sunday, September 23, 2012


Rainfall Giveaway Part 2: Accessories to match!

It's that time of the month again! We totally love giveaways, don't we?
In the first part of this giveaway, we gave away 3 sets of outfits to 3 of our lovely readers.
Now, why don't we match it with some chic accessories, yes?

Everyone in the world can join!!

So let's start off with the prizes!

A cobweb necklace from Simone's Closet

A studded denim vest and ripped denim shorts from Punk x Pretty

A pair of feather earrings from Frances Manila

Yellow printed top from Frances Manila

A pair of tassel earrings from Simone's Closet

Wanna be that ONE LUCKY READER to win ALL of these?

Do as many entries as you can!

All you have to do is fill up this trusty Rafflecopter from below!
You don't have to do everything but more entries means more chances of winning!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


Thank you to Simone's Closet, Frances Manila and Punk x Pretty!!

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Saturday, September 15, 2012


DIY Paperclip Necklace

When I was a kid, I used to make necklace and bracelets out of paperclips. Why not refresh that old memory and make a fashionable necklace? In this post I'll share you a simple DIY layered necklace out of paper clips. Hope you like it!

What you need: 
  1. Paper clips (at least 46 pieces)
  2. Creativity! 

First you need to connect each paper clip and make 5 strands like what I did on the picture above. Each strand should be descended in number in able to make layers. I used 10 pieces on the longest and 6 pieces on the shortest. 

Connect the end of each strands with 1 paper clip, and do that to the other end too. 

Get another 4 pieces of paper clips and connect it to form another strand.Connect the ends of your previous layer to the new strand you made. 

Add designs and you're finished! You can add more layers or use different color of paper clips if you want to. The pictures below are the some of the designs I made. 

What can you say about the DIY? Comments, suggestions and feedbacks are well appreciated :) 

Congratulations to the winners of Rainfall Giveaway Part 1: Win an outfit!
  • Prize A goes to Cheska Pagsanjan 
  • Prize B goes to Karen Atienza 
  • Prize C goes to Chrizele Altizon

All winners are chosen randomly via Rafflecopter. Please check your twitter accounts for details. Thank you to our sponsors Timeless Collections, Clothepedia, and Maris Unique Pieces
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