Thursday, April 19, 2012


Last Easter Sunday

Last week, Easter Sunday, we went at Eton Centris-walk. Unfortunately all tiange we're closed, haha, so we just had our lunch at Uncle Cheffy's.
Various chops of meat that was traditionally slow cooked in the oven: lamb ribs, pork ribs, beef, chicken, dory fish, tuna belly, etc.
After we ate, we are asked to pick an egg in a basket. My brother is so lucky! The egg he chose contains a small paper which have a "surprise gift" written on it. 
He got this cute little bunny stuff toy :">
Tipsy with the cute rabbit hihi. BTW! If you can notice, Tipsy had a yellow rabbit clip on her for the spirit of Easter Sunday! :D  
Me with the "big" rabbit XD
After that, we rented a Segway. At first, I was scared that I might fall on that thing, but in the end, riding on it was really fun! 
Belated Happy Easter! :D

(hugs and kisses! haha)
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Late Nights and Early Parades

Navy blue Secosana Bag | Black Lace Genevieve Gozum Skirt |  Black Loose Genevieve Gozum Top | Zebra Flats

These photos are taken year ago (as far as I can remember) when we accompanied my brother to his graduation ball. I am wearing loose top from GG. I really love this top. When I was browsing at the mall, I saw this at GG, the time I fit it I don’t want to take it off. What I felt is I want to go home wearing that haha. It’s too comfy and I really like loose shirts(in fact most of my tops are loose and lacey). I did not think twice, and bought it.
(hugs and kisses! haha)

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012


French Nails

I spent my morning yesterday with Chriza (i bet you've seen her a lot of times in this blog already) for a mani treat at Nails Glow Hand & Foot Spa. I requested a cute but simple nail art that I found in Instagram. (btw, follow me @secretcharmm) Although, we got disappointed when we were charged 300 pesos each when they said that it will only cost 150 pesos for nail art. Ugh. They should have said that our total cost is 300 including a manicure of 150 and nail art of 150. They weren't clear about that. Our polish didn't even used too much color. Now I'm getting pissed off again. Anyways..
 My nails
 Chriza's nails
Orly and Coronia Nail Polish
The finish product! My own version.
Got my inspiration from Kylie Jenner. She posted it on her Instagram before. (inspiration below)
Orly Nail Polish
Chriza's nails which I found on Instagram as well.
I suggested her these collar nails. lol. Too cute! (inspiration below)

What do you girls think? :)

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Sunday, April 8, 2012


Little Girl in Pink

Pink and black dress | Black elbow length gloves | Black patterned stockings | Black shoes
This is only a creative shot, I really didn't go out wearing those hehe. This day, I want to play with my clothes by mix and matching what I have. With the pink dress and wearing stockings makes me look like a little girl (like the cartoon character Madeline haha). So, I added the black elbow length gloves and the vintage phone and camera as props, to give a little sophisticated look.

(hugs and kisses! haha)

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Saturday, April 7, 2012


Boho Kai

Kai Darul of submitted her style to us at the Get Featured tab on the right. She is a Filipino blogger and an Accountancy student like Char. She is a Muslim with a great love for fashion and make-up. She describes her style as Boho Chic and mainly blogs about her fashion and life experiences. Check out her blog at!

"I admire Kai's passion for fashion and blogging. I fully respect their practices and love the fact that despite their limitations on clothing, it didn't stop her from fully expressing herself through fashion. I love her bohemian chic style. It shows her personality and character." -Char
"I am one of her followers. When Char told me that she sent a photo on our "shared a look" page, I am really overwhelmed. I really love her blog and her styles bring her culture with those. About the photo she sent, I love the contrast of bold royal blue long sleeves in contrast with a patterned skirt and laced vest." -Nina

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Friday, April 6, 2012


Clear as a Rain

Thrifted sheer polka top | White tank top | Bazaar pleated shorts | Brown belt | Green accessories | Pearl necklace | Mattewo denim heels
Sorry about the recent brush doodles I made on my photos haha. I added it up because I think it's cute :"> and this is to show a little of what I think about my outfit.
My look has terno-colors! :D All these cool shades of blue reminds me of rain, swimming pool and the beach. I badly wanted to go to the beach right now huhu.
I bought this sheer polka top a long time ago from ukay, thinking that I could make a beach bag from it. But the idea has passed and I totally forgot about it. Now, I found it folded deep down in my cabinet. I didn't know that it will look good over a white tank top and pleated shorts, well not until now haha.

(hugs and kisses! haha)

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Thursday, April 5, 2012



I found this photo really cute because my dog, Jairus, and I are both tilting our heads. lol!
My pug, Blossom, wants to join my mini-photoshoot, too!
So I instructed them where to pose. Haha!
 I think my bag will look better on Jairuz, but he refuses it. He's not a girl daw.
 Braid with ribbon <3
SM Department Store bandeau swimsuit | sheer top that I won from a giveaway | Landmark tulle skirt | Unlisted shoes | lace bag that I received from my birthday
Photography: Nina
Post-processing: Char

These past few days were either rainy or sunny. I can't practically plan ahead what to wear. This day was  super hot that's why I just wore something light on top, technically swimsuit + cover-up, and matched it with a tulle skirt to not make it look like I'm going to the beach 'coz I'm not. You can spot some of my photos where I'm sweating so hard. Good thing I'm wearing comfy clothes to combat the heat. I also tried editing my photos using curves for the first time. Curves are my new photo addiction right now. I've been downloading free ones from the net for the past few hours and here's some that works on my current shots. I put different curves on these so it looks inconsistent in one post. Sorry but I like to try everything, atleast for now!

If you know any sites where I could download more Photoshop Curves for free, please drop a comment below! Thanks!


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