Monday, November 22, 2010

Twistix - Chips on Stick

Have you ever heard of Chips-on-Stick?
a. No
b. Yes
c. Does it exist?!

Chips-on-Stick. Yes, it definitely exist and I'll give a proof to it haha!
While walking in MOA (Mall of Asia) we saw a man eating chips on stick. We are so curious what it is...

Questions on my mind:
1. How that chips get there (on the stick)?
2. What is it called?
3. Is it chips? for real? in stick?
4. Is it yummy?

And so, we started searching for that store.

It is named TWISTIX
(oh, I am advertising them.. they should pay me!)

The line is long... we had to wait for 30 minutes because it was made as you order. Maybe they make it that way because it will not taste good if they will serve it cold. So we have to wait for a while.

How do they make this?

1. They put a whole potato in a stick.

2. They have a machine, it works like a sharpener, there is a blade at one end and the pencil is the potato. as the twist the potato the blade cut it and make it spiral. (watch the video below.)

3. they spread the potato to make it lengthy. You can already see the spiral structure of the potato. And then they deep fry.

4. they sprinkle your desired flavor.

5. TADA~ It's done!

How about the taste?

It taste like... like potato chips!? haha yes, it is no different from potato chips. But I enjoyed eating this potato chips in stick totally different experience! You should try also for the sake of fun! haha.

It is just ordinary potato chips. But they way they present it is really unique that you really want to have one.

More food-trip you wanna try in MOA :)

Iskrambol (Scramble)
A Filipino food, it is made from crushed ice with flavor. Usually it is topped with chocolate syrup and powdered milk.

You can see here that the line is really long. Cold sweet is the food you really want to eat especially in hot weather. I can say Iskrambol is a blockbuster food for Pinoys! :)

These next pic is how they serve the Iskrambol. You can also see the prices in the background: 10 pesos for small, 14 pesos for medium, and 17 pesos for large.

Roasted chestnuts. It has sweet nutty taste. Sometimes it is hard to open, not because the shell is hard but if you don't know how to open it, you will find hard to eat it haha!

I hope you enjoyed my food trip! :] teehee


Scarlet April said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

waa parang gusto ko din i-try yan! kaso ang layo kasi ng moa eh. haha! i love scramble too!:))

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Hehe ako nga rin gusto ko balikan kaso malayo eh. Uu, scramble! :">

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