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Sizzling Summer Tips

Quick update: I updated the Help me win Chiminess First Major Contest post, I just added a facebook page to like on # 5. Hope you guys help me!

Anyway, I'm currently working on a post called "Fast Facts", it's all about me. Hahaha! A little vain but that's not my purpose for doing that. I want you guys to know me more so we could share our common interests and favorites. Nothing special actually. Hahahaha! It's not yet done actually. It's really long. :)

And, I just want to say that my classes will start already on April 4 so I won't be able to blog more often than before. But I promise to still be updated and keep in touch with you guys.

Here's something I would like to share to y'all before I go on a short Hiatus :)

Summer Tips!
from Char

It's summer now here in the Philippines (i don't know in your country if it is also) and I want to share some summer fashion tips to rock your pool and beach parties!

So here we go,
Source: Yahoo! Images result
Pear or Triangle - Shoulders and bust or your upper body is narrower than your hips or lower body.
Cone or Inverted Triangle - Shoulders and bust or your upper body is wider than your hips or lower body.
Rectangle - Boyish or Athletic frame.
Hour glass - Curvy, Proportional.


If you have a sexy Hourglass Body Shape like the one on the right, you can pull off "ANY" type of swimwear! This is the general and the most sexy of all the other body shapes. Enjoy choosing any swimsuit you like if you have this kind of body!

Very Sexy from Victoria Secret
Beach Sexy from Victoria Secret
Forever Sexy from Victoria Secret

If you have a cute Triangle or Pear Body Shape illustrated above on the left, try halter or bandeau tops with bold or solid colors to draw attention on the upper portion of your body matched with a cute boy shorts bottom.
Beach Sexy from Victoria Secret
Very Sexy from Victoria Secret
Beach Sexy from Victoria Secret

BioFit from Victoria Secret
This is really cool 'coz you can wear the straps in 5 different ways!
Becca from Victoria Secret
Tavik from Victoria Secret
This one's very cute and unique!

For an awesome Inverted Triangle or Cone Body Shape, a triangle shape top with a sexy bottom will balance out your look. Make emphasis on the bottom part of your body.

Very Sexy from Victoria Secret
Beach Sexy from Victoria Secret
Beach Sexy from Victoria Secret
To even out a fierce Rectangular Body Shape, go for swimsuits with feminine details like ruffles and florals. A one piece swimsuit or tankini will also give you curves and a more girly feel.

Miraculous Swim Tops from Victoria Secret
Magicsuit from Victoria Secret
Beach Sexy from Victoria Secret
Magicsuit from Victoria Secret
Very Sexy from Victoria
Magicsuit from Victoria Secret
These are super hot trends and unique pieces from Victoria Secret swimsuit collection. Well, if you don't want to show off too much skin, you can use these kinds of cover-ups to increase your coverage. These are great for before-jumping-off-the-water moments!

All from Victoria Secret also..

Well this didn't increase your coverage at all. Hihihi but it's very cute and sexy!

Regardless the body shape you have, you can still pull-off any kind of swimsuit if you want to! Just make sure that it fits you well and you're comfortable with it! Happy Summer everyone!

Idea: Tomato Planner
Swimwear pictures ALL from Victoria Secret, Check our their site for more!


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