Saturday, May 28, 2011


My Cat's First Litter

Finally after 2 months of pregnancy my cat, Jergina, gave birth to her kitten. 

She only got one kitten. At first, I was very worried because it is very unusual for cats to lay only one kitten. I thought there's still a kitten inside her womb and can't get out, and it may cause her infection or even death. It was a relief when my dad assessed her tummy and told me that he felt nothing more inside it.

Her kitten was a calico (To be called "calico", three colors must be present: black, white and orange). Most calico cats was always female, but they can be males in rare cases. Thus, we consider this little kitten a female! 

If your asking why did the kitten become a calico while Jergina was a Siamese, well, little kitten's father was a stray cat hahaha 

Thank you for reading :3

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Friday, May 27, 2011



I drew this as a request from my friend Andrea. She asked me to draw this since our first year in college, but I remembered doing it quite lately. I'm so ashamed for the delay  

Hope you enjoy

By the way, Char and I made Lookbook today! We collaborated in this account :)
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Thursday, May 26, 2011



We finally got our domain :)
Char and Nina is now CHARNINA (DOT) COM

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Monday, May 23, 2011


Summer is over

Yihaa! Our summer classes are over! We're baaaaack! Hihihihi. Miss us? Well, we miss you guys alot! :)
Aside from my summer classes, I'm sad to say that summer here in the Philippines is literally over. A new typhoon just entered our country and it was the third typhoon for this year. Unfortunately, I didn't get to enjoy this summer. But I just keep on thinking that there's always next year and hope that it'll be better! Hahaha! I'll do everything to not take summer classes next year so I'll be able to enjoy the sun in the right place.

As for our blog, we're still waiting for our .com domain and my contact lenses from Angelic Doll. I really really hope that she give it to us soon 'coz this is the perfect time for us to fix our blog now that classes are over. We can't host the blog contest without the new domain yet 'coz it's going to be our big launch!

Oh well, til next post guys! I'm on a rush right now :)

P.S. Can someone teach me how to make the feedburner send emails on its subscribers? Just comment here! Thanks!

Banner by: TTVS

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Sunday, May 15, 2011



We went to Tingloy, Batangas. This was my second vacation for this year!

Unlike in Quezon, the waves here are much more calm. I enjoyed snorkeling in this place (too bad I didn’t know how to dive), because even you are still near the shore fishes are already visible. “…I love the Philippines it’s such a pretty place, bum de yada bum de yada!”

Day 1 : First Outfit

I am wearing my floral laced blouse that I got for only 50 pesos~ yeah!
Plus cream short, Mint shades, ans slippers from Penshoppe

Day 1 :  Second Outfit, Swim Wear

Here, I am wearing my "John Lennon" glasses that i only got for 100 pesos! 
Baby blue shorts for 80 pesos, a yellow robot printed jacket for 150 pesos
and my swim wear (top) from Sasa.
Loving to buy cute but cheap things :D 

after I got this shot, I swam and tried banana boat for the first time!

haha FUN. suppperrrr saya!

Day 2: Third Outfit

I am wearing a baby blue tank and a white long skirt, 
 I think the last time I wore this skirt is in my first year high school pa haha. 

This was taken at the yacht owned by the resort, and we sneak haha so we could take some pictures inside~ wala namang nagalit eh, so I think its okey haha

Day 2: Last Day, Last Outfit

For the last day in Batangas, I wore a Rawr shirt :3 
and I do not own the shirt. It’s my brother’s. 
Lucky, I have a brother that have shirts that fit on me! :D 
plus the cowboy or a.k.a. "Kuya Kim" hat, denim Jeans co. shorts, 
Penshoppe slippers and Mint glasses.

I will miss the beach...
Though I really don’t want to leave, we have too.
Back to reality…. Bye Batangas :(

on the boat, going home

Thanks for reading!

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Arnie's Movie Posters

I like you to see Arnie's masterpieces.
Our very talented friend Arnie made these all. She is our batch-mate at Diliman Preparatory School (our alma matter). She is making movie posters of her favorite stars, as part of her hobby. 

The first time I saw her works, I thought it was a real coming soon movie. The "When Sneakers met Stilettos" is my favorite. Wish it was real, her posters were really convincing, makes me want to watch it badly! 

When Sneakers Met Stilettos
When It Happens
Flawed Perfection
For Keeps
Partners In Crime
Picture Perfect
I Promise you
Thirteen Reasons Why
A Glimpse of Me
It's So Damn Clever

Beautiful, isn't? 

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