Friday, March 11, 2011

More Char's baby pictures

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As for the previous post, here's more of my baby pictures!

I enjoyed scanning my baby pictures though I was only oblige to get one or two but I ended up scanning nine! It was kind of emotional looking at these pictures 'coz I  realized that I wasn't a baby anymore.. I'm going to turn 18 on July. Why can't we stop the time even for an hour? I miss being a child. It's the one moment that you can't get back anymore. Being a child/baby gives you a privilege to lots of things like discount passes, free entrances, people compliment you always, you have flawless skin, you don't worry about getting fat, you don't get in trouble because they consider you always, no heartbreaks (unless your childhood crush didn't like you at all or somebody broke your toy), no financial problems (at least your parents never tell you "use your own money if you want to buy that!"), no emotional and school stress, no serious problems at all. I don't get why a lot of kids want to be grown ups already.. Why can't they just appreciate the advantage of being a kid? It won't last forever so might at least enjoy it while it lasts! So if you're one right now, Enjoy being in that age. Hope you get my point.

"Baby Char"
Reminiscing my childhood times

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 18, 1995, Age: 2 years old

December 8, 1996, Age: 3 years old

December 8, 1996, Age: 3 years old

Hihihi. I didn't know that I was that vain and fashonista even as a kid. Hahahah! Kidding! Oh well! Whatcha guys think? Do I still look like that now? Hehee.

Hope Nina will add more of hers too!

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