Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go Supre This Summer

Okay, so we only have 2 weeks left in school 'til finals and finally we could blog more again. If you have been a regular visitor in our blog, you'd notice that we haven't posted so much about 'us' lately. Well it's because college senior year is so hectic, and don't even get me started about stress. That's why I just can't wait for summer! I can honestly smell summer here around the corner, it's been hella hot lately. And hot doesn't even describe it, the sun burns right through my skin! Oh, Philippine sun, Y U always want me to get tanned? Haha! So! Speaking of summer, what do we girls always anticipate every summer? Aside from the fact that school's over and the beach, boys and bikinis, girls are pretty much excited to wear and shop for their summer outfits! Besides, this is everyone's favorite season, right?

Denim shorts are always on the top of our lists. They can never go wrong during this season and you can pair them with almost everything. But if you're already tired of wearing your tees, crop tops and corsets to pair with your denims and bottoms, you could try out leotards. Leotards can be matched with anything as well! They are basic and a staple piece of clothing. Works well for different seasons throughout the year, too. From swim to casual to night, inner or outer, you could pair these and achieve different looks in an instant!

Check out some of my picks for you to try out this summer!

And hey, these are all below Php1000! A totally good find, right?
Grab your very own leotard now!

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Friday, February 22, 2013


Wild Pair

Girls adore heels, we all know that. We would wear them all night to parties and events even though we know our feet will die in the process. Tiis ganda nga diba. But we can't stay wearing these 5-inch skyscraper babies forever. We always end up removing them at the end of the night. And our ultimate savior would be our trusty flats and sandals!

The same goes for me and Nina all the time! We never go out without our flats. First, because we commute most of the time. Second, because you could never know what might happen. Nina literally broke her heel twice. One, on a night out with our friends and then on fashion week! Yes, you've read it right, fashion week. (See our post about that night here: But fashionistas would anticipate that any time and will always be ready for a solution! Just bring extra heels (which can be hectic if you don't have a ride) or your flats (which is very convenient to bring obviously). That way you'll save yourself from further humiliation of walking all the way home with one broken heel and you save your feet from torture as well. So don't underestimate your flats, ladies! Love them like how you love your high heels. Strap on those fancy sandals. They can be pretty show-stopping and wild, too!

Find your wild pair sandals now! Here are some of my picks for you..

And since we all couldn't resist heels, they also offer a variety of cute heels and wedges to choose from! They all come in different colors and sizes, too. Perfect for summer and night outs!
Aren't these gorgeous? What are you waiting for? Get your wild pair sandals now!

P.S. Share your shoe stories at the comment section below. We'd love to hear them and you might help others prevent such circumstances too!
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Thursday, February 7, 2013


ReMINEd: Your New Best Bud!

The fashionista best chums, Char and Nina, have never failed to give us the fresh and hottest updates about fashion, style, events and their daily musings in life.  Their friendship seems to be rolling into one fun and fab ride as they both found each other's shared interests through fashion, modelling and photography. And so their blog was born – a platform where they can express their thoughts about random things that piques their interests and friendship.

If there's anything that they most enjoy doing, that would be shopping! But at times, we just can't splurge on everything in an instant. As best friends, the sweetest thing to do is to support each other especially when it comes to our lifelong dreams. Little did we know that when you are constantly reminded of the things that you want, you are even more motivated and inspired in getting these things right at our very own eyes. It would be cuter if you and your best bud have all the time in the world as you go the extra mile in listing down your wishes under that magical tree.

Good thing AppLabs Digital Studios Inc. developed an iOS and Android application called ReMINEd which lets its users create their own wishlist, virtually. Through an easy addition of photos of our wants, with added reminders, dates and priorities, we are eventually becoming matured in setting our goals and slowly attaining them one by one. You can store five of your wants with the Lite Version that’s available for free. However, having unlimited wishes might be hard to fit into five of the best, right? The Full Version worth $0.99 is definitely one wish granted!

Want to know what Char and Nina's been dreaming for the past few days? Let's check on the Mine Box below!

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