Wednesday, October 20, 2010


The "Girly" Side.

Photo shoots! Candids! Pictorials! No professional cameras!
Every single moment we share with each other, we document it. (Except for those haggard days, of course!)

Nina(on polka dots) and I(on pink) have two more friends to share our moments. We seem "Girly" but we could be all "Boyish", too. We love photo shoots and clothes but we also love computer games like DOTA and SIMS.

Christmas Pictorial. Nina's Crib.

Second Pictorial. My Crib.

Nothing much to say. The pictures kinda says a lot about us.

P.S. Sorry for bad editing and collage, i still have to download Adobe Photoshop.

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Divi tomorrow

Hello! Meet our best friends!
(from the left) Nina, Char, Chriza Emyca

We are going to Divisoria tomorrow to buy some stuffs! I hope it will be a fine day, if rain comes, it will be hard for us to shop :(

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Friday, October 15, 2010


Know This First.

This is the first time I'm writing a blog...formally, so please, forgive me!

Let me tell you things about my self first.

I am an artist and I am proud of my works, some how? So if you have time take a peek on my site

I don't usually write, I just write when I have to. And I am still wondering how Char made me agree to write and have a blog site with her. EEhh this is embarrassing.

I also have a blog in multiply and I also write there, but not that much. My multiply site is more like a diary or a copy of our conversations, I see it funny somehow so I make a copy of it in a form of a blog as a remembrance hehe.

I edit pictures and videos and I enjoy doing that! I want to be a programmer, digital artist, film editor... uwa~ but I ended up taking Nursing because my parents want me to, so bye-bye dream jobs! :(

I love Anime! I love Japanese culture too. On how much I love Anime
, Char does it in Disney.

Char=Disney Girl : Nina=Anime Girl

Well enough for my first blog, I can't say a thing anymorrreee! hehe

NYAA T^T forgive my writing,

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It's Nina's Day!


It's Nina's 18th Birthday on October 23 and since 18th birthdays/Debuts are formally celebrated here in the Philippines, it's gonna be a very BIG day night for Nina! Yey! Congrats for her!

Now I'm having trouble on what to wear for this awesome black and white party. Help me find a cheap but cute outfit for this event, please? I'm liking these but these are online and a bit expensive so i'm planning to look in other available shops..

PS. the last three pictures are just from the internet.. No copyright infringement.

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Thursday, October 14, 2010


Random Thoughts

My second post!

So I invited my best friend, Nina, to join me in this blog and we're kinda having trouble now because we're far apart and we cannot easily unite our ideas for the progress of this blog. We need guidance, clearly. hahaha. But this isn't my first time blogging as to say.

Here's a picture of Nina (on white) and me.

Out of randomness~

I so l<3ve the message of the Pixar movie "Wall-E" in Disney, it's so futuristic in a way that it can possibly happen for real. But i hope not!

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Monday, October 11, 2010


"The Blog Bug"

I'm officially diagnosed with the infection of the "Blogger Disease".

For the past two days, I was thinking of having my blog activated again. I am in Blogspot since November 2007 and had been actively blogging (in Blogspot) for like 1 year or less then I got busy at school so I stopped. Now, I'm back for good.

The reason why I'm back blogging again is because I don't know what to do in Facebook anymore. I got bored playing games and my Facebook is now just for Friends' Updates, Photos and Status and for some of my favorite applications like What to Wear and Nightclub City. Well, Enough of Facebook chitchat.

I just want to share to you guys how and when I started blogging. Well, it was when my bestfriend in grade school, Chatty, introduced me the world of internet. She migrated to USA so we find ways to communicate. We were sending letters through snail mail then she told me about the internet. We started sending emails in year 2004 (i was 11 y/o and horrible in English grammar). She had a blog then at Xanga and Blogdrive and we eventually decided to make our own blog. I was immature about HTML, JAVA and other website functionalities but luckily our school offered lessons about those so I became knowledgeable enough although not professional. That's how i learned about blogging.

I have been bitten by the "Blog Bug".

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