Saturday, April 30, 2011


Blog Comeback

It's a big blog post comeback of what I published late last night since I've been MIA for a while. I told you! I can't post more often now that my class starts. I was just able to post last night because my Midterms are over! Yey me! But not too long, I still have classes until May 18..

Anyway, I missed doing Blog Updates. So here's a post right now..

1. We will officially have our 2nd Blog Contest! We are choosing between Giveaway or Point System or any other contest that we could think of. We have some pending sponsors for great prizes right now to make the contest more exciting and it'll be supaaahh great if you would like to apply as one too! :)

NOTE: We are looking for anyone who can sponsor prizes like items (preferably for teens), domain, advertising space, paypal money, and anything you can think of.. Just email us at or comment here if you're interested. In return, we can do what you demand. Sorry we're still new with these stuffs so forgive us if we can't understand some computer jargons. Also! I almost forgot! We'll be having the contest once we reached 100 FOLLOWERS in Google Friend Connect! Just so we can assure that many will join.. We're so excited! Hope you are too! LOL.

P.S. We have a new survey regarding this contest, so you can vote which type of contest you want.. Located at the right sidebar under the Survey for the Month tab. :)

2. I'm so happy that I won 1st Place at Chiminess First Major Contest!

Here are the FINAL SCORES

I sincerely thank everyone who helped me increase my score.. I'm really grateful to have great blogger friends :)
And here are all the prizes that I have won. Although, I still haven't received most of these prizes.. :(
FIRST PRIZE (1ST) 1 year .com Domain sponsored by: Angelic Doll 
1 year Free Unlimited Hosting sponsored by: Angelic Doll 
Pre-Customized Blogger Theme sponsored by: Chiminess 
Free 1 Pair GEO Contact Lens sponsored by: Angelic Doll 
$35 sponsored by: Filipino Web Programmer  - RECEIVED but not yet withdrawn 
$5 sponsored by: His Music Beats - RECEIVED but not yet withdrawn 
$5 sponsored by: Pinay Mommy Blogger   - RECEIVED but not yet withdrawn 
125×125 banner ads to Twisted Love Bug for one month sponsored by Spiffy Star 
125×125 banner ads to She Danced for one month sponsored by She Danced 
125×125 banner ads to Dianne Karol for one month sponsored by Dianne Karol 
125×125 banner ads to Chiminess for one month sponsored by Oh Little Fire 
I Heart Contest – (3k EC) Real Fairytales – (1k EC)
I'm really disappointed that I still haven't received the domain and contact lens 'coz that's what I've been waiting for all along.. I'm also jealous that the other contestants already got their domain.. Hihihi. Anyway, maybe I should just wait a little more longer.. :) (i dunno, i'm just so excited and it's been a while now..)

3. Another thing, we also won SOTM from Visible Boundary! :) Thank you so much Lydia!
Here's the super cute button and banner she made as our prize..

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Friday, April 29, 2011


Formal Debut Party

Event: Marry Grace's Debut Party
Place: Heritage Hotel
Date: April 16, 2011
Time: Around 7 pm onwards

One of the many Philippine tradition is to celebrate a young lady's 18th birthday. We call it here "Debut". I'm not sure if it's popular in other countries as well but I'm pretty sure that it's a well-known celebration here. It goes with a list of program. Traditionally, there is suppose to be an 18 Roses and 18 Candles part. 18 Roses includes 18 males who will each give the debutante a rose and offer her to dance in a classical music. Usually, these are the men that became part of her 17 years of living. The 18th Rose signifies the most important man in her life (can be her boyfriend or father). However, the 18 Candles consist of 18 females, preferably her 18 best friends or close friends. These 18 women will light one candle each and state her wish in front of everyone. Though, these are the traditional parts on a Debut, many have already added some few twists on the program to make it a little more modern.

A Debut Season usually happens when you are in your 2nd to 3rd year in college. It is the time when you and your classmates or friends turn 18 years old.
When I was still a kid, I always hoped that I could attend a Debut party.. Unfortunately, none of my friends were 18 yet and I don't have an older sister. But now that I'm actually in my own debut season, I've been stressing about what-to-wear and what-to-give as a present for my friends.

Grace is actually my friend since 2nd year High School and she has been part of my barkada or clique ever since. Although, when college kick off, we seldom see each other anymore. Fortunately, there's Facebook to keep us posted and in touch with each others lives. Grace's debut was not my first attended party. I actually have attended a few now, I just wasn't able to blog about it. Grace's debut theme was purely Formal. Girls should wear gowns or cocktail dresses and Boys should be in their coat and tie. It was a good thing that I attended a wedding the day before this event so I already have a formal wear. The venue was very elegant and pink. It was on a 5-star hotel.

Before the event, we had our make up artist turn us into pretty princesses! :)

My eyebrows look so dark here! :)
Nina with her fake eyelashes, which are barely noticeable considering she has very long lashes naturally.. hehehe

Chriza with her super cute fake eyelashes

Me without fake eyelashes yet. Just make-up. Haha!
Now, I have my fake eyelashes here. It's the shortest of 'em all 'coz my first choice was too long and my mom didn't like it so she made me change it with the shorter one (this).
We all look dead with just foundation on our faces! LOL!

Here are some pictures of the event.

Her grand entrance
Hers was 18 Gifts, and here are our gifts waiting to be presented in front
Me (on pink) sharing my wish for Grace and giving my gift for her
Nina's turn
She was crying because of her mommy's message
Her 18th Gift from her Mommy
We all wondered what's in the box full of shredded newspapers as she searched to find the tiny yet precious gift from her mommy. Curious? :)
Can you see now what she got? :)
Awww.. :) Tears of joy. This is a very emotional scene. I even cried too!
See? Hahaha!
She got a car!
It's a brand new White Honda City!
Us, very happy for Grace! :) (We can now go partying and shopping without riding the taxi! LOL!)
My fake eyelashes fell off after I cried. LOL. :)
Her ah-mazingly yummy cake!
The cutting of cake ceremony
(Left) Me, Chriza and Emyca
with Grace's giveaway/thank-you-gift for coming to her party.
Grace had her own tarp!
The dinner was delicious. We're all so full.
But unfortunately, Chriza was having hyper acidity attack again! She is really acidic yet she always forgot to bring her medicine.
So we had to rush her to the hotel's clinic
We missed the 18 Roses and 18 Candles part of the event because we still waited for the nurse to be IN
Thank God the nurse provided her the most efficient medicine they have
I'm so worried 'coz it took pretty much a while before it took effect on her
Then, Chriza was relieved
She was again happy and bouncy! LOL!

(Left) Nina, Me, Grace, Chriza and Emyca
(Left) Emyca, Chriza, Grace, Me (Char) and Nina

And of course, the event wouldn't be complete without a photo shoot! Do'h! We're like all dressed up and glammed up so this better be documented! LOL.

Wee! <3 I love to twirl with this tulle skirt!

Gian and Angelo
Nina and Angelo

A pretty candid shot

It was a fun, princess-y event after all! We all had a glamorous evening thanks to the host of the event, Marry Grace. Belated Happy Birthday! We Love You a lot!

Comments are highly appreciated.

I am not a writer nor a speaker so forgive me if I have some wrong grammar and incoherence of thoughts.
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