Thursday, October 31, 2013


Baguio Escapade: Food Trips Day 1

Me and my friends went up north for early sembreak. The first time I got to go out of town without parents' supervision, completely on my own! And not just for overnight, but a couple of days of independence. Lol!
Nina and me

It was lunch time when we arrived at the Summer Capital of the Philippines, Baguio. We couldn't think of anything else other than food. We're starving and we've heard great and affordable food spots from our friend, Chriza. Food is the first thing we're most excited about coming to Baguio. Second is seeing Chriza. Haha! She had been studying there for college and was already an expert for all things Baguio. She was our tour and food guide.

For lunch, we were craving for a hot Filipino soup and not some japan cup noodle soup. More like nilagang baka or bulalo. Reason for that was the intense cold from our long bus ride. So we went to Neng's Bulaluhan located near the 50's Diner at Gen. Luna Road. It was like a carinderia but the food was great (truly Filipino food lutong-bahay) and per order was just enough unlike other normal carinderia where you feel like you haven't eaten anything at all. We devoured everything in a blink. The place was also well-decorated and airy. We were so full and yet we only spent below Php350 for everything.

This is us with our satisfied tummies HAHA
Me and Emyca
After long walks, sight seeing and shopping, of course we got hungry again. That's given. So we went to Geney's Ramyeon House for merienda or snack. It's located along Gov. Pack Road. It's a small Korean chill out spot with cute interiors and mostly students lounging inside.

We tried the Ttukkochi or Skewered Rice Cakes as highly suggested by Chriza. It costs just Php10 per stick. I've never tried this before. It was chewy, unique and overly spicy. I'm usually a fan of spicy foods but I can't take this one. I can tolerate labuyo-spicy but not korean spicy. Haha! I'd like eating it if only the spiciness was more subtle. We all had one stick each and since we're still hungry, we then tried Filefish. This one's a lot different than the first one. It's crispy, fried and salty-sweet. It's like daing for me actually but sweeter. It's a nice counterpart for the spiciness in my tongue after Ttukkochi.

We didn't try the ramen here because Chriza said that there's a more delicious ramen in another place and that we'd try there next time. So we wasn't really here for the ramen despite that it's a ramyeon house.

Aside from all the good spots we've been visiting in Baguio, we just couldn't wait for meal time! Maybe it's because of the cold weather up there. It's like we're always excited for where we're gonna eat next. Haha! So for dinner, we tried the infamous Good Taste along Legarda road. This is a huge restaurant with two floors given that they have tons of customers everyday. Blame it on their affordable, delicious, big servings of food! We ordered their famous buttered chicken, chopseuy, and fried rice. It may seem like it's not much but trust me, each order was plenty. You'll see pictures later in this post. I also can't believe that we only spent around Php70 each on everything. We even had take homes since we couldn't eat it anymore.

Nina found this one funny. You wouldn't probably get it at first so just look closely. 

Watch out for our other Baguio Escapade posts soon!

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Friday, October 18, 2013

Twice Sometimes

After we graduated, for four years of being prohibited coloring our hair, it is our moment that we can legally dye our hair with any color we wanted! Together with my colleague, Kristine, we decided to have our makeover at Hairchitech Salon along Timog, in front of GMA. With the voucher we had, we got the hair coloring, hair treatment and hair cut for 700 php instead of 1800 php.

I wanted to have a light shade of brown so the stylist suggested that I can have the Intense Light Brown. Meanwhile my friend wanted dark reddish brown, so she picked Mahogany.

The Process
After the dye was applied we waited for one hour for the hair to absorb the color. The time they were rinsing my hair the stylist told me that he already applied the treatment. I thought the treatment would be a hot oil with the steamer or something similar to that, but instead it was just an after treatment conditioner.


Frankly, it is quite disappointing, maybe because I'm expecting for a better outcome. I wanted a lighter color and I clearly told what it should look but I did not get that result. I wanted a lighter color yet the color still seems to be dark. And for the hair treatment, I wasn't expecting for just an after treatment conditioner, so, if not because of the voucher we had I'll feel cheated for the price I paid. But on the positive side, I love how they treated us during our stay at the salon. They we're accommodating, sweet, and very friendly.

And since I didn't got the style I wanted. After a week I visited another salon near to my home. I asked if I could have another hair color for just a week after dyeing my hair. Well they said yes, and it won't damage hair if done with proper care. I had my second dye for 800 php with hair treatment. The treatment I got was no longer just a conditioner, but a hot oil! And I was glad. *smiles*

After, after.
Sometimes it takes twice, thrice or a hundred times before we get the things we wanted to achieve. But what is important, if you really wanted something don't be afraid to take chances. 

Random Questions
Do you dye your hair?
What's your dream hair color?

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Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cute Ways to Decorate Baby Shoes

Baby shoes can be adorable, but they can also be very plain. Kids like to wear something a bit brighter, a bit shinier and, although you can’t always find such items to buy, you can make them yourself using a little imagination and creativity. By giving you a few decorating ideas which will liven up the look of your baby’s shoes, we can help you out.

1. Hit the craft store

You can find a ton of stuff which you can use to decorate shoes at your local craft supply store. Common items include gems and rhinestones, sequins etc. These are inexpensive and very easy to apply. All you need to do is glue them on. A glue gun will make the work easier, but you can use any kind of glue. Get creative and place them in various patterns and you can create all sorts of fun decorations. Just don’t go overboard with the glue so as to avoid sticky fingers for you and the baby. If pieces fall off, it’s no bother - just glue more on.

2. Use fabric paints

If you want to get in touch with your artistic side, you can do so with fabric paints. Draw anything you would like on the shoes. Fabric paints will stick to shoes as long as they are not leather or synthetic and it is non-toxic.

3. Print iron-on transfers

These work for any clothing item made from fabrics so they are ideal for shoes, as well (again, as long as they are not leather or synthetic). Best part is that you can find a ton of models to print out which babies and young children will love.

For all of your footwear needs, visit Here at you can find a wide array of quality products to fit your needs and your budget.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Music Festival Inspired

When you found out that the theme for an event was Music Festival, what's the first thing comes to your mind? As for me, it's Coachella! I envy those who have the opportunity to attend. I mean, fashion-wise, it's a haven! Not to mention, the main event itself. Where arts and music collide. My thoughts were racing all the way to California the moment I heard the word "Music Festival". Haha!

So what does a girl do when given an opportunity to dress up for a theme she's been crazy about? Grab it! If you hashtag CoachellaFashion on Instagram, you'll see florals, bright colors, boho trends, crop tops, highwaist shorts, boots, and anything that screams sexy-boho-chic-summer. But this event, was all for our very dear teen bestfriend, Candy Magazine so I made my look more teen-friendly and less sexy! Ha-ha! They celebrated their annual fair to gather all the candy girls out there for one big party! Exciting, right?

This is how I went with my outfit -- knits plus florals, john lennons, denim, boots and a hint of feather for that boho-feel. My celebrity inspiration here was Vanessa Hudgens.

Call it Spring boots

Tomato knitted cardigan | Firmoo sunglasses | Casio Baby-G watch

As for Nina, she went for the more colorful side of the trend. Muscle shirt plus a neon crop top was a perfect combination. And still for a more boho-chic style, she matched it with neon accessories and a cobweb necklace.

The Ramp oxford platforms

Simone's Closet cobweb necklace | Firmoo shades

Every time we attend an event, we don't plan on matching our outfits at all. But we often end up having the same color scheme, or same inspiration, and our outfits always turn out to be sisters! I guess we're really just sisters by heart. Haha!

What do you guys think of our music festival inspired looks?

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