Monday, March 7, 2011

More Love to Spread

As you can see, Nina changed the list of songs in our playlist and they are all acoustic songs which kinda gives us a vibe of acoustic and sentimental music in this site. haha. While I have been working on some awards to give the awesome and deserving co-bloggers that we know..

Here's one to be released very very soon to our ever-supportive affies and blogger friends.
This Awesome! Supportive Blogger Award is for those who helped and support us in times of our need (contests, polls, surveys etc). This is one way to show that we really appreciate it, guys.

I'm the one who did this so sorry if it's ugly.
Nina isn't available so I took the courage to make this small token for you..
Hope you still appreciate it :)

We will give this to you soon so for those who helped us but wasn't able to tell us in our tagboard or wheresoever, please declare here that you helped in any way at all. Just comment below. Thank you!

Many more awards to come..

And unfortunately, I didn't win the Tricia Isabela's First Giveaway.. :( Sad Sad. Hehe. Well, I still have 5 left to win and 1 for Nina so Wish us Luck! :)

Much Love from


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