Saturday, October 22, 2011


Sweet Thing called LOVE

It's important to always look, smell and stay fresh. Whether you're at school, at the mall, or at work, you always have to look pleasant. For Char and Nina, staying fresh is their beauty regimen.
My daily beauty routine starts by washing my face with Pond's facial wash(if my face gets too dry) or Safeguard(if my face tends to be so oily), then I dab a generous amount of Celeteque moisturizer or Pond's day cream. If I'm off to some place else, I swipe my Revlon's Colorburst Lipstick in Candy Pink on my lips or other colors of lipstick/gloss that will match my current outfit and mascara on my lashes. I only use foundation when I'm going to a party or an event. And before I leave the house, I spray on my favorite perfume "Curious by: Britney Spears". The essential things in my routine are my facial cleanser/soap(i'll get pimples if I missed this step), my lipstick/gloss(because my lips are too dry without them), and my perfume(to keep me fresh all throughout the day). -Char
Every morning after I woke up, I wash my face using Celeteque facial wash, damp dry my face then apply my Everbilena studio finish concealer on my eyebags to make it less obvious (I really need this one, especially on my sleepless nights), blow dry my hair, apply Finesse self adjusting mousse cream and fix my curly hair, after that I apply Maybelline mint lip balm for my chapped lips, then spray my favorite perfume Jovan Musk. -Nina
We did a little photoshoot sporting our own personal perfumes. Our inspiration for the mini-shoot is "just-got-out-of-bed" scenario. We have almost no make-up and proper lighting in this one. So if anyone wants to do a collaboration, make up artist and photographer, we're here to model! lol. Can you guess where we did this photoshoot? ---- Behind the window's curtains! Haha! Anyway, it's all DIY so who's to blame, right?

We edited our photos to make it look like a perfume ad! Haha! Titles are invented.

Nina's Jovan Musk and Char's Curious by: Britney Spears

I'm sporting my new hair! Just have it digitally permed at Tony & Jackey's salon. I will blog about it soon!

Some of the scents that we'd love to try soon!

(Click on the photos for details)

If you have these, tell us in the comment section below how it is for you!

What I look for in perfumes is its capability to mark its scent for the longest possible time. I don't like spraying perfumes multiple times in a day as it is bad for the environment because of the Chlorofluorocarbon(CFC) that it releases that causes ozone depletion. Okay, I'm getting a little nerdy here but hey we gotta get involve at some point, right? So back to topic.. The whole packaging of the perfume attracts me too. If it goes with a unique feminine bottle and box plus it's scent isn't too much, I'll buy it! -Char

Most of my perfumes has citrusy scent that smells light and fresh. I don't like perfumes that are too sweet. It feels sticky. Though I like it when someone else wears it but not on me. And the most important factor that I look for in perfumes is that it suppose to last for several hours. -Nina

Tips for using perfumes:
Perfumes are usually sprayed behind the ears, on the wrist, on the back side of the elbow or in the chest area. It is where the major arteries are found. It is sprayed near on arteries because it is warmer than other parts of our body. In order to spread the fragrance (especially the alcohol based perfumes) you need heat to evaporate the alcohol, once the alcohol is evaporated the fragrance will spread.

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Thursday, October 20, 2011


The Big Day: Char's 18th Birthday - Fashion Show

Char's Debut (18th Birthday)
Theme: Fashion Show
Date: July 9, 2011
Time: 8pm-1am
Venue: DAHHA Clubhouse, Q.C. PH
Attire: High Fashion


My invitation

Gown by Kimigo

Accessories from Trends, SM Department

Shoes from Le Donne

My giveaways! Perfume for Him & Her by The Doft.

Make up by Ms. Dachiel Ecat

Hot pink and black nails by The Nail Files

The Venue

The whole set-up was designed by a party stylist from ChefWix.

My chair!! It's so pretty but I wasn't able to use it much.
My fashionable cake from Chefwix catering as well!
The table napkins were customized and I love it!

The Menu for the party
The Presidential table for my family. Table # 1.
where waiters will be serving their dinner instead of falling in line at the buffet.
The guests' table

The Food

My food was catered by ChefWix by Chef Winston Luna "where elegance and good food meets". They offer high-class and exquisite dining services that is perfect for my fashion show theme.

(Click to enlarge)
Chef Winston Luna adding final touches in his masterpiece! :)

Appetizers that were served at the cocktail tables for a more fashion show party feel.

The main dishes

The Tempura dish was my special request and one of the dishes on the menu though they were not able to took a picture of it because it was still on the kitchen before the program starts.. :(

These are the sketches of ChefWix for setting up the venue.

Pre-party shoot

Too bad, it was raining cats and dogs that night so we're not able to have a photoshoot at the park. :( The park was just beside my venue.


My grand entrance to the song "Beautiful" by Jim Brickman
I love how my cute little cousin (in red) was so stunned seeing me in a gown!
Me being interviewed by my hosts.
I didn't get to say anything much because I was so overwhelmed of all the familiar faces in the crowd.

18 Pink Roses

My first rose was my 4-year-old-cousin Randelle Tan
He's the only boy grandchild in my mother's side.

(Left to Right)
Iverson Lee, my second-degree cousin and Vaughn Chua, younger brother of my childhood friend

Mikhail Aquino, one of my high school schoolmates but we became friends during college -- we became blockmates. (P.S. I'm wearing 4-inch heels and he's still taller than me LOL) We love sharing inside jokes and stuff. And Ceasar Cezar (cool name, huh?) is one of my college barkadas/friends and my college bff's boyfriend.

Irol Caguimbal, he rides on a cool motorcycle and I usually ride on the back of it on the way home from school! He's cool with it and I'm really thankful that I get to save a few money on transportation. While Mackenzie Chan is one of my college barkadas/friends. He's really sweet and funny! We used to call each other nicknames. He used to call me "Brownies". I forgot his nickname. Haha!

Two of my proxies for the night! I am really grateful to the both of them because some of my 18 guys were late and I didn't get to dance with them. Fortunately, they were there early and they took the spot! Thank you to Daniel Yutuc, who was my math-genius high school classmate and Luigi Bustamante, the science geek one.

Justin Espiritu, same as Mikhail, we were never really friends in high school but we became friends in college  because we go to the same university and became blockmates. He's really kind and a gentleman. Joseph Alonzo on the right, is my "Pare" he's always there when I needed someone to talk to.

Roniel Mendoza, we call each other "best" and he's a lover boy-next-door. Haha. Reginald Pineda, one of my childhood friends and the rest of our story is history. LOL.

Vernon Chua stands 5'10" tall, the older brother of Vaughn, we've known each other since Kinder and we've been best friends ever since. Gian Pancho on the right, I've learned a lot from this guy. We were close and great friends.

And to fill in all the other missing roses, for the final dance, my DAD!! He totally look like just my brother, right? Hahaha! I love my dad!
All in all, they were just 16. Some of the boys for this part were late and this was the first part of the program. :(

Photo Op

My Family

Nina, me and Emyca

Emyca, my Mom and Nina

One of my 18 roses, Joseph, and one of my 18 gifts, Joyce, performing a song number at my party.

My hosts for the night -- Tito Hector and Tita Joyce.
Without them, the party wouldn't be alive.

The Fashion Show

After dinner is the second part of the program. The Fashion Show! I asked my top 18 girl friends to dress up as fashionably as they can for they will be strutting the runway in their killer heels as part of my program. They serve as my 18 gifts as well.

Here are my best cousins ever! Joy and Aiza.

Claudine and Apple my high school friends.

Louise and Armie, my grade school friends! We belong in a clique called "Forever Angel Sistahs".
We used to make songs together about our group. lol.

Raiza, my sweet little brother, yes, brother haha. And Marinette, my dota-mate! -- fact about me, i play DOTA (actually Nina too).

Emyca and Ara, high school close friends and my co-party animals! We love going to bars and parties together!

Joyce and Cherie, my college bffs! Though I don't go to their school anymore, we still find time to see each other and bond. :)

You know who this is.
Nina :)

Don't they look fierce? I'm so proud of them! Some faced their runway fears just for me.. I'm so thankful and happy and I think they all did great!

They were also 16 all in all (my sister and cousin don't have a picture in the runway). Some didn't make it to party (including my other bestfriend, Chriza) and unfortunately, we hadn't able to choose proxies anymore. The regret of not having a party planner! lol!

After the girls walked the runway.. It's my turn for a second grand entrance.
My bg music for my walk is Angel by: Akon
I picked this song because I totally love the slower intro then it instantly booms to a good runway song.
I love the lyrics as well! My favorite song!

Only half of me was shown in a shadow. Ugh :( Haha anyways!
And for my surprise for the evening! I did something that they didn't expect.. My dream ever since is to have this detachable skirt that I'm going to remove (with the beat) before I walk the runway..
Every step I took is planned in accordance with the beat of the song. lol!

I'm still wearing a Kimigo dress. It is custom-made and specially designed in accordance with my request.

This is my favorite part in the party :)

My best girlfriends! lol.


I was watching a video presentation from my old bestfriend in the USA.
I cried because she started reminiscing our moments when we were still together (now she lives far away and she was actually the one who introduced me to the blogging world long before was born) and I'm just such a cry-baby when it comes to that! lol.

And to wrap up the program, they sang the traditional "Happy Birthday" song for me.

The birthday party wouldn't be complete without blowing the candle

My family strut their stuff on the runway as well before they give their speeches.
My sister, Czarisse
My mom
My mom and dad
My sister's speech was of course all about revealing all my deepest darkest secrets and embarrassing me in front of everyone! lol! Just kidding. She mention a few embarrassing stories of me but it can never be greater than that. We just laugh it all out!

My mom and dad thanking all the guests who came that night and giving me a little message. I requested them to not give an emotional message because I'm so iyakin that I might not stop crying until the end of the night. lol. 
Btw, we were celebrating my dad's birthday that night as well. His birthday was July 7 so we invited few of his friends in the party and it was like a duo celebration. We even bought him a cake!
Who could guess my dad's age? :)

And my turn to give a speech. I'm really really not good with speeches and this one was not prepared because I was so busy preparing other things so I just ended up just thanking everyone who came. I am thankful because they still attended my party despite the horrific rain that cancelled some of my other plans for the night and for the fact that they celebrated my special day with me. It was so overwhelming. I also thanked my parents for giving me this amazing event. I never thought that they would spend this much for me. I love them and I will be forever thankful for everything!


Here's a very delayed post about my birthday. Sorry for a 3-month delay. It was hard editing and composing everything. It was a night too big for words. :)

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