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The first word that pop out off my mind when I saw these outfit shots is flare. I don't why but I have this adoration for flared skirts like these. Sometimes, the puffy-er the better. They bring out a certain vibe of youth and effortlessness. Effortless chic, as they say. And it was just a lucky coincidence that we happened to both wear flared dresses that time! We used to think that we should wear outfits of the same style more often when we're together. But I guess we don't even have to plan them anymore, we usually end up wearing colors of the same family or styles of the same trend. We really are somehow twins by heart, soul and passion, aren't we?

Most of the time, Char and I commute (take the bus or MRT) to go to these events. We are (just like Ms. Anagon the fashionista-commuter!). That's why I always choose to wear an easy-go flattering dress. In this outfit, I belted it up with Cole Vintage, and matched it with my new nude Forever 21 platforms. My outfit wasn't really planned. It was a last minute decision to pair the pieces. I'm really glad that it turned out quite well. *grins* -Nina

Cole Vintage belt
Forever 21 pumps
I have three takes on this outfit. First, zipped-up jacket. Second, open-zip. And third, no jacket. It's amazing how the effect of just simply zipping your jacket can change the whole vibe of your look. Since I can't decide at home which one to go with, I decided to do all three during the night.

Zipping up the jacket gives the illusion of having the jacket as your top, making the whole look as a two-piece.

Bayo leather jacket

The open-zip gave the outfit that whole rocker chic edge.

The no-jacket look was cleaner, youthful and happy. It shifted the mood entirely from fierce to fresh.
Oasap dress
Impulse Co necklace
Landmark tulle skirt (underneath)

 Nails by Chic Nails (Orly Lemonade and Orly Snowcone)
Wedges by Rajo! for SM Parisian (read my post about how I won these pair here!)
Which mix among the three do you like best?

CharNina's bestfriend, Chriza.

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Sunday, October 14, 2012


Excel Paris 24 hours Lipstick Review

Excel Paris lipstick is the newest long lasting matte lip cream that can last up to 24 hours. It comes with different swatches, which are mostly in shades of pinks and reds. I've seen many online-shops already selling these. I got curious on this product so I decided to finally try it.

I bought the colors 507(bloom pink), 509(pinky orange) and 505(nude).

The matte lip cream is very different from other lipsticks I used. The first time I tried, it feels like putting poster-paint on my lips, haha. It dries fast! And when it dries it is very hard to remove. I need to use a make-up remover to erase the excess cream on my lips.

I really like the colors, though it is quite different when you try it in your skin than actually applying it in your lips. The color lightens when it dries. The more you apply the cream the more pigmented and matte it will be. 

Above are the actual photos of Excel Paris lipstick under natural sunlight. (Sorry for the poor quality, I'm only using my phone for the photos.) On the lower left photo, I combined 509(pinky orange) and 505(nude) before it dries.

Love the shades. I love how pigmented the colors are, it really covers my pale lips.
It can really last up to 24 hours! Perfect for parties! No need to reapply lipstick.
Stain proof. I drink on the glass, no stain. I wiped my lips with tissue paper, no stain. I ate bread, no stain. I kissed my mom on cheeks(I think this thing is kiss proof, haha), still no stain!
Handy packaging. With small and cute packaging it fits to almost to all purses.
No bad smell. No awkward fruity smell nor harsh chemical stink.
Cheap. It usually ranges from 50 to 80 pesos.

Too dry and flaky. Using lip gloss can help preventing dryness though it will reduce the matte effect of the lipstick and and can make your lips really sticky.
Hard to remove. Washing and rubbing would only hurt you! I suggest using make-up remover or baby oil on removing the lipstick.
I don't know what it's made. The packaging only says it is a long lasting lipstick with vitamin-E content and made in Germany. But still, I don't know the contents of the product.
Color don't suit all. "May binabagayan" Though I love the shades, I think it doesn't suit everyone. Like for me, the 501(party pink) looks very fake on me. Careful on choosing the right color. Make sure that the color goes well with your complexion or it will look very unnatural.

To buy or not to buy?
For me, I like it! It would be less hassle not reapplying your lipstick, especially during parties. I love the matte effect. It's dryness is not a problem with me. What I do is I put lip moisturizer overnight and use this whole day, it reduces the flakiness in my lips. So, my final judgement: to buy :) 

Note: I bought mine from Ladies Stop Shop, my friend from school owns the shop :) you can browse her site to check for the prices.

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Saturday, October 13, 2012


Le Parisian Girl

Rajo Laurel launched his new shoe collection in collaboration with SM Parisian (for women) and SM Milanos (for men) last September 25, 2012 at the SMX Convention Center. I feel like such a bad blogger for not having to blog on time. Forgive me! *sobs* The event is by invite only. I didn't know about the launch until I came across Parisian's twitter page and saw their contest to win vip invites to the event. Anyone can send in their photo wearing any Parisian shoes, and that will serve as your entry. I honestly only have one pair of Parisian heels but I have tons of photos wearing them because I absolutely love that pair! I bought that way back in 2010 and that was probably my first-ever-pair-of-killer-heels-bought-with-my-own-money! I remember blogging about the time when we (Nina and I) bought those shoes! Read about it here. And having our first photoshoot with it here, here and here.

Okay, so back to the real topic! I submitted a lot of entries. All entries were uploaded here, try looking for all my entries, hehe! The finalists were selected by bloggers like Lissa Kahayon, Shai Lagarde, Alyssa Lapid and the Enciso sisters. I don't know if you've guessed it already since I've been blabbering about it but I was one of the finalists!! I can't believe it at first actually. There were tons, I say, TONS of entries submitted and I was truly lucky to be among the finalists. With this, I got two vip invites to the launch!

This was my LUCKY ENTRY that was chosen by Shai of Lovechic!
Read my blog post about this outfit HERE
And I didn't expect that I'd be even luckier, until I was chosen as one of the Top 3 Le Parisian Girls as well! The three were chosen from the finalists by Rajo Laurel himself! And with this, I won a freakin' two pairs of shoes from his new collection! Yeeyyyy me!!

I brought my mom as my date for that night! I am so glad that she was up for it and really excited dressing up. I even lend her my Parisian shoes! Look how hot my momma was! lol!
If you were wondering why I didn't brought Nina, it's because the event was a weekday and she had classes that she can't risk not attending.

The whole collection was Japanese-inspired and the set of the event was of the same ambiance as well.

I saw this little fashionista kid and I can't help but take a photo of her.

I love this rotating stage! I've always dreamed of modeling in one!

My favorite part of the event: Shopping!

Tried on these babies because they're so gorgeous! But I can't seem to walk in it comfortably, it's too wobbly for me.
I don't know for you, though. Tell me if you can strut these! :)

I met Seph of Lovechic! I approached him to thank them for picking me as one of the finalists! He was so nice and friendly! Unfortunately, Shai wasn't there. I really wanted to have a picture with her too, though!

I borrowed Nina's dress from Oasap. See her post about it here.
Oasap dress | Tomato watch | Esprit bag | SM Accessories stockings | LeDonne heels

And of course, I wouldn't go home without meeting the star of the night! Our convo went like this:
Me: Hi! I'm one of the Le Parisian Girls! Thank you so much for picking me!
Rajo: Of course, you're so chic! What did you choose? Show them what you chose!

Had a blast that night! Follow me on Instagram (@secretcharmm) to see which pairs I brought home!

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