Saturday, February 19, 2011

Top 3 Movies?

Char posted about her favorite movies! I wanted to share mine too :D haha
hmm well I'll just give 3 movies that I really want :D 

TOP 3 (not in specific ranks)

Fight Club
Except from Brad Pitt was really hot in this movie, ehem, I like fight club because of the awesome story twist! 

*this is spoiler* if you haven't watched it yet, and you wanted to watch it because I said it's awesome(lol), don't continue reading this part. Edward Norton was sick of this life, and doesn't even know why he was doing his job until he met Brad Pitt whom change his way of living. They did several things that a normal person wound't do. Like making soaps that are mare from real human fat (I am still thinking if this is really possible) and having a club that only fight to each other for no reason at all. Edward thought that Brad Pitt changing his life, but then he realize that he was Brad Pitt all along, I mean he was just imagining that someone is changing his life but the truth is he and Brad Pitt is one 8D 
at the end of the movie he bombed the banks (using his explosive soaps) to erase all the credits and bills in the data so people living will start from zero and start their life as a "life" and not all about money and raising positions on work. 

I was totally moved by this movie, I almost made my self so busted relating the idea of the movie; that none we are doing are sooo important by why are we making it so important? 

And hell yeah! of course kick-ass, every teen should watch this movie, I don't know what I liked about it? Still I can watch this over and over haha

Curious case of Benjamin Button 
It's just now I realized that two of my favorite movies are starting by Brad Pitt. haha
What I like about the movie is the story it self, he was born old and died young :) and the life lessons you will learn from the movie. 

Ohh It's hard to pick only three (why did I limit my self picking only 3 anyway?) hope you enjoyed my sharing haha, I'll post some movie again if my laziness wont attack my system, just kidding :D


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