Thursday, October 17, 2013

Cute Ways to Decorate Baby Shoes

Baby shoes can be adorable, but they can also be very plain. Kids like to wear something a bit brighter, a bit shinier and, although you can’t always find such items to buy, you can make them yourself using a little imagination and creativity. By giving you a few decorating ideas which will liven up the look of your baby’s shoes, we can help you out.

1. Hit the craft store

You can find a ton of stuff which you can use to decorate shoes at your local craft supply store. Common items include gems and rhinestones, sequins etc. These are inexpensive and very easy to apply. All you need to do is glue them on. A glue gun will make the work easier, but you can use any kind of glue. Get creative and place them in various patterns and you can create all sorts of fun decorations. Just don’t go overboard with the glue so as to avoid sticky fingers for you and the baby. If pieces fall off, it’s no bother - just glue more on.

2. Use fabric paints

If you want to get in touch with your artistic side, you can do so with fabric paints. Draw anything you would like on the shoes. Fabric paints will stick to shoes as long as they are not leather or synthetic and it is non-toxic.

3. Print iron-on transfers

These work for any clothing item made from fabrics so they are ideal for shoes, as well (again, as long as they are not leather or synthetic). Best part is that you can find a ton of models to print out which babies and young children will love.

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Brenda W. Skelton said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I so love the sneakers! I love the designs too. I know there are sneakers with designs such as the one featured here but i didn't really realized that they will actually look nice on those little shoes. It's really cute, i just can't help it. I'm really impressed about how the shoes looked with all those sequins.

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