Friday, February 18, 2011

Day 9: Two movies you absolutely love.

Movies! I love movies! Teen flicks, Comedy-Romance, Fantasy, Adventure and Action are my faves. And I like a lot of movies, I can't even enumerate them all if I have to. I'm sure I'll forget some of it. However, I am not a fan of Horror movies, so to speak. But that doesn't stop me from watching it if and only if I have to or have no choice, at all. I can stand watching those but I gotta have someone with me and a pillow big enough to cover my face. Haha! I just don't like scaring myself (i don't understand why other people wanted to) to death 'coz it leaves me all terrified at night before I go to sleep. So, horrors aren't really my choice.

What's your choice of movie?

Since the survey only asks for two, I'm gonna share only my top two favorites, recently.

1. The Twilight Saga -- since I love them all equally, I'm placing them all on my no.1 spot. I am inlove with this movie saga but not as much as I adore the book. The movies have flaws and deleted scenes from the book but I still like it 'coz of the story. Stephenie Meyer is just brilliant! The book, for me, is way way better! Never in my life I read a novel. I am so not into reading but when I started reading this, my heart just took off. I could spend continuous hours reading. Every word, every description, my imagination flew to the extreme. I am always eager to read what's gonna happen next but when I finished the whole saga, I'm just sad 'cause I won't be able to follow their lives anymore. Oh, I hope I could dream about the real Edward Cullen, too! I hope the Breaking Dawn movie fill up all my expectations 'cause the book was just AMAZING.

If you haven't read it yet, you're missing a big part of your life right now. I'm not endorsing, just the way I feel.

2. High School Musical -- yap! I love HSM! I know it sounds kiddie, but I love Disney and their shows.. I love their actresses and actors. They're always age-appropriate. They're not old school yet they don't get too pActually, I first saw Vanessa & Zac in HSM 1 and they became my favorite couple instantly.. (too bad they're not together anymore) And from then on, I have liked Vanessa Hudgens's fashion. She's just so pretty :) and Zac Efron became my celebrity crush! (aside from Chace Crawford, of course..)

So! Tell us! What's your top 2 favorite movie? :)


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