Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Huanyíng lái dào xinjiapo!

Nina and I made a pledge to post everyday now that it's summer vacay. We agreed to post alternately each day. Take note: Each day. lol! I really hope we could live up to that promise. We love to blog but we don't have the luxury of time because our course is really really really demanding, I tell you. If you don't know yet, I'm an Accountancy student and Nina is a Nursing student so I think that made it pretty clear regarding hectic schedules and wacked up social life. LOL! But since it's summer now, I'm gonna take advantage of all the time I have at home until I start summer school. Den den den! But no worries, summer classes isn't as hectic as the regular semester and Nina won't take classes this summer.

So! Onto my post! If you're wondering, my title means "Welcome to Singapore!" in Mandarin.
During Valentines, my family and I went to Singapore for a 3-day trip. We went there for February 13-15 in spite of that being a weekday. I missed school for 3 days and I was in major stress when I got back. My Accounting professor gave 2 quizzes the day I was away. Great. Anyhow, going back to Singapore, our flight was 6:20 in the morning and what's great about that is having to see the sunrise above the clouds. So heavenly. But I didn't get any sleep at all. That's why the main attraction in my photos during the trip were my eye bags. Gaaah!

Landing on SG!
The Singapore Flyer.
This is my "from Manila to Singapore with no sleep and time to dress up" outfit.
The first time I saw a parking lot like this. Haha!
Audi, my dream car!!!
Our Tour Bus
Lookie who we saw chillin' by the bench himself!

Singapore Botanical Garden

My most favorite spot on the planet. PHOTO SPOT! Haha

Told you my eye bags are eating up my face! Oh well! Pfft.

More photos of the trip soon!

P.S. Sorry for the low quality photos, i just used my iPhone 4 here. :)


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