Thursday, February 24, 2011

White swan & Black swan

Last Monday my classmate Alex drew my chibi-form! it was really cute :> She also drew my friend Kristine a.k.a Tin.

I told Alex that Tin will be the white swan and I will be the black swan. I really adore the dress she drew for us! She totally got my idea of black and white swan :)

white swan & black swan 
black swan & white swan 
Due to boredom, Tin and I colored the chibi drawings. Tin colored her gloves, shoes, and part of the top of dress pink. When I saw what she did I am laughing really hard (lol am I that mean?) and I told her "you're not a swan any more! you are now a flamingo!" and she laugh too. I continued coloring the chibi's hair and skin so it looked like this:

end results! 

by the way this is Tin ^^

I miss blogging! 
Thank you for reading! 


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