Sunday, February 27, 2011

Loosen Up!

UPDATE: Hey everyone! Been busy editing this blog that's why I wasn't able to post.. I changed our poll again. Please please answer our poll at the right sidebar under the "Survey for the month" tab. We need to know what you guys like to see more on our blog so that we could improve. Haha anyway! I have tons of things to share to y'all but I got a very big problem. Please Help! I CANNOT UPLOAD PICTURES ANYMORE! Blogger says that I exceeded the 1GB Storage in Picasa Web Albums.. I don't know what to do.. Paying for storage is definitely not in my choice. And I won't be able to blog without uploading pictures. Pictures express more! Does anyone experienced this kind of situation? How'd you fix it? And I can't delete pictures from before 'coz it'll be deleted permanently in our blog.. PLEASE HELP!

On a different note, the A Story to Remember blog contest ends tomorrow. You still have 1 more day to join!

Feb. 25, 2011 is a working holiday "People Power Revolution" in the Philippines. Nina didn't have class so we took advantage and shopped for the next day's party that we're both invited to.

Lunch at Tokyo Tokyo

Beef Okiyakiudon

Chicken Yakiudon

Snack at Koryo

Garlic Potato is YUM!


2-Finger Ring

Ring from Comic Alley

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Lots of Love <3,


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