Monday, February 14, 2011

Girl Talk!

I'm on SUPER vacation (no school from December to April) so forgive me if I'm bored and don't have anything to do.. There are three things that I feel now that I'm on a major vacation: 1.) I am schoolwork-free so it means I'm stress-free 2.) I spend my time at home unproductively 3.) And There's a part of me that wants to extend my vacation and the other part wants to go to school already! *confusing, i know*

So! I'll share What's In My Make-up Purse / Kikay Kit

An overview for my small kikay kit/make-up purse

Eye products - Mostly Careline, Nichido and Ever Bilena. (and mostly given by my tita/aunt)

My mirror! (given by Cherie


I don't know why I put this in my purse but this is the safest place for my guitar pick!

A safety pin should always be in your purse at all times!
Trust me, it's just a small spring but it's totally useful and helpful..

Lip products

2009 Christmas Gift from Cherie

Shimmer powder -- great for special occasions

Face powder -- for everyday.. (but I don't use this often 'coz I have dry skin)

16th birthday present from my Mom.

My 2011 Planner from Tomato

Sony Ericsson Xperia -- my new phone! :)

2010 Christmas gift from my Beloved Parents

My wallet

Charles & Keith

2010 Christmas Gift from my Ninang / Aunt

My Perfume

"CURIOUS" by: Britney Spears

My grandmother's sister's present from London (not sure if I got that right)

I just used our digicam so sorry for the shots if you don't like it..


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