Thursday, November 4, 2010

Halloween Experience: "The Haunted Elevator" -- NOT

This is a Late Halloween post.
So like what I said to my last post, we went to the South (Ortigas) to spend our Halloween. We checked in to a hotel, with my family + my cousins, and we had so much fun :)

Though I don't usually believe to paranormal and supernatural creatures, I still get scared when I get to certain situations..

This is the real story, me and my cousins were on our way to the room. We used the hotel's elevator and it is requiring the hotel key card in order to operate the control panel (it's probably one of their security strategies), but unfortunately, when we got inside the elevator the key card wasn't working and we kept on clicking the 15th floor button and still it wasn't working.. we tried other floors as well and it kept on saying "The floor requested is not allowed" (i'm not sure if it's the exact line but it's probably like that). Then the elevator's door closed. *shivers* we were inside the freakin' elevator with no personnel with us, the key card wasn't working, the elevator wasn't moving and we can't click any button in the panel. will it get any worse? it didn't got into us quickly that we're kinda like stocked there.. until suddenly the elevator moved and we didn't even know where we're headed. We technically panicked and freaked out. And I was like trying to be strong and not afraid 'coz I'm with my lil sister and I don't want to show her that I get easily scared in those kind of situations. So, the elevator kept on going up and we just thought that maybe some people on the other floor is clicking the button from the outside so the elevator will come fetch them (since it's like we're not inside because we can't control that thing) and so when the door opened, we rushed outside but no one's there and we don't know where else to go, we didn't know where the stairs are and we were on the 24th floor so we would definitely NOT use the stairs. Stupid but no other choice, we went into the elevator again, hoping that it will open on the 15th floor.. Haha. But it didn't. We we're brought to the Basement 4 and then 12th floor(oops.. close enough). Finally, someone entered the elevator and used his hotel key card and so we could click the floor we wanted, at last. When we reached our room, we hysterically told the story to my parents ng sabay sabay all of us and it was soo funny and loud.. they didn't believe us though, they just thought we place the card wrong but we knew it was placed right. We let it go then atleast we're back safe and sound. haha.

After then, we found out about the not-working-key-card when we used the elevator again and this time with my mom. It was really not working and so my mom believed us na. At first, she kept on trying to put it right and we were just "it's not gonna work, really" then I suggested to ask someone in the lobby to help us, and that's how we found out why the key card wasn't working at all.. The hotel personnel (if that's how we call them) told us that the key card will have problems if it was placed near any cellphone. So they fixed it and everything was solved.

It was not a Halloween-much experience, thank God. We were relieved and we just enjoy the rest of the holiday. Hahaha. LOL.

So, How did your holidays go? Tell us your story and the best story will be posted at CharNina.
Comments are appreciated.

Foolin' around on the elevator

(From left) My lil sister Czarisse, my cousin Aiza and Joy, and Me (with camera)

I <3 U
Aiza, Me, Czarisse

I <3 U 2
Aiza, Me, Czarisse, Joy
Joy and I
Fly High with Fierce Hair

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Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Wow this is really your longest blog hahaha

I love your pictures Char especially the I<3U under the curtain :)

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

thank you nina. hahah :))

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