Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Update

We haven't been blogging for days. But now my Midterm week is over so I'm so back blogging!
Update: Nina is busy on her upcoming Capping on Friday so she hasn't been able to post, too. And she owes us her official debut pictures. Haha. Anyways, I'll make up it though, I just posted the longest post I've ever done in this blog.. Haha. So hope you guys read it and comment pleaaase. :) Thank you.

Like I said, my midterms are over and it's almost a week now so why am I still so busy to post? Well, blame Gossip Girl. I'm having a GG Marathon and I just can't stop myself from watching the next episode and so on.. I am officially addicted to Gossip Girl now (period) Hahaha. Another thing is, I just got a copy of Trickster Online from my cousin the last time we see each other, because I'm, yes, too lazy to download it from Trickster Online even though it's free. (But not lazy enough to download a 3gb GG Season 2 and 7gb GG Season 3) Haha. So i have now another distraction from updating our blog. (Oh no!) But no worries, I'm a disciplined person (Am I?) and I'll make sure that I'll be posting sooner or later. But for now, I'm gonna continue my marathon. :) Hahaha. Toodles.


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