Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Nina's Debut

Wow! Long time since I blog and Char did a lot of posts all ready! wew... I've been very busy last weeks because of my debut and capping, some virus also visit my body which caused me fever :( bad virus! And my last reason is the lazybug (mutated villain of Char's blogbug)

Ok, enough for my reasons. I know I owe you pictures *smile* but, I will just make this short.

Nina's Debut
I thank my friends without them, my party will not be successful.
and especially to Char, Chriza and Sheena who help me to plan for this event.

My Debut's theme is black and white. My guest can either wear black, white, or black&white. While all of them wearing same shades I am the only one wearing a hot red dress.

If you are wondering what happen I'll narrate to you the flow of the program

I. Introduction of emcees
My emcees: Chriza and Sheena. They volunteer for emcee. I'm glad I did not longer need to force them to be my emcees haha

II. Prayer
My best friend, Ms. Abegail lead the prayer

III. Entrance of the Debutant
My entrance song is "Just the way you are" by Bruno Mars. I had my entrance with myboyfriend, and it was not really planned and he said "Ako ata na surprise?" in eeenglish "Why am I the one who was surprised?"

IV. 18 Dance - 18 Mr. Suave
I did not use the traditional 18-18th's instead I added little twists!
I change 18 Dance to 18 Mr. Suave, they will wear a fake beard while dancing instead of giving me a rose. But, too bad some beards did not stick to their face *aaww*

V. Dinner
Garden Maru Restaurant is a Korean Restaurant. It is my first time to eat in a Korean restaurant. Food is delicious although I did not taste all of them haha

VI. Intermission Number
1. JAMS - Jenna, Abegail, and Sheena
ooh it is very touchy that made my eyes watery, I almost cry that time but they made me laugh :) btw. the title of the song is True Friend

2. Ms. Charice (I call her Dugie)
She have an amazing voice although she is not ready for that number she still manage to have a superb performance!

VII. 18 Wish - 18 Pulvuron
Another twist!
I'll ask a random fact about myself and if they did not answer correctly they need to eat pulvuron while wishing.

VIII. Blowing of Candles
My Parents are the last one who recite their wishes. My parents' friends are also invited to my debut, after my parent's wish, they are shouting and finding my boyfriend and telling him that he should go to stage and make a wish for me too. He has no choice, so, he went to stage and wished. then some one shouted "ok! family picture!" I am really laughing haha

IX. 18 Gifts & Predictions

X. Party! Party!

Hehe there is a lot more of pictures almost half a thousand, seriously :)
so, I hope you enjoyed!


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