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Excel Paris 24 hours Lipstick Review

Excel Paris lipstick is the newest long lasting matte lip cream that can last up to 24 hours. It comes with different swatches, which are mostly in shades of pinks and reds. I've seen many online-shops already selling these. I got curious on this product so I decided to finally try it.

I bought the colors 507(bloom pink), 509(pinky orange) and 505(nude).

The matte lip cream is very different from other lipsticks I used. The first time I tried, it feels like putting poster-paint on my lips, haha. It dries fast! And when it dries it is very hard to remove. I need to use a make-up remover to erase the excess cream on my lips.

I really like the colors, though it is quite different when you try it in your skin than actually applying it in your lips. The color lightens when it dries. The more you apply the cream the more pigmented and matte it will be. 

Above are the actual photos of Excel Paris lipstick under natural sunlight. (Sorry for the poor quality, I'm only using my phone for the photos.) On the lower left photo, I combined 509(pinky orange) and 505(nude) before it dries.

Love the shades. I love how pigmented the colors are, it really covers my pale lips.
It can really last up to 24 hours! Perfect for parties! No need to reapply lipstick.
Stain proof. I drink on the glass, no stain. I wiped my lips with tissue paper, no stain. I ate bread, no stain. I kissed my mom on cheeks(I think this thing is kiss proof, haha), still no stain!
Handy packaging. With small and cute packaging it fits to almost to all purses.
No bad smell. No awkward fruity smell nor harsh chemical stink.
Cheap. It usually ranges from 50 to 80 pesos.

Too dry and flaky. Using lip gloss can help preventing dryness though it will reduce the matte effect of the lipstick and and can make your lips really sticky.
Hard to remove. Washing and rubbing would only hurt you! I suggest using make-up remover or baby oil on removing the lipstick.
I don't know what it's made. The packaging only says it is a long lasting lipstick with vitamin-E content and made in Germany. But still, I don't know the contents of the product.
Color don't suit all. "May binabagayan" Though I love the shades, I think it doesn't suit everyone. Like for me, the 501(party pink) looks very fake on me. Careful on choosing the right color. Make sure that the color goes well with your complexion or it will look very unnatural.

To buy or not to buy?
For me, I like it! It would be less hassle not reapplying your lipstick, especially during parties. I love the matte effect. It's dryness is not a problem with me. What I do is I put lip moisturizer overnight and use this whole day, it reduces the flakiness in my lips. So, my final judgement: to buy :) 

Note: I bought mine from Ladies Stop Shop, my friend from school owns the shop :) you can browse her site to check for the prices.

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janelle said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

thanks for the review. i've been itching (ano daw) to buy that product. but because it's sooo cheap, i'm afraid to try it out. (i found an online site that sells this for just 20-30 pesos ata, basta cheaper than the price you mentioned). and it's said to be made in germany. syempre duda ang lola mo xD haha! because i haven't encountered products made from europe that cheap =/ if you know what i mean.

Jenny Austria said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

nina i have this in shade 509, and the color looks different, sakin parang purple pink, i havent tried it yet, bec it was only given by my sister, and she said it only cost 65php and thats what makes me say BAKA FAKE TO A, sakto nagpost ka nito.haha..
please do a review on how to compare original from fake :)

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@janelle Hello Janelle, ako din, at first dudang duda ako bumili nung product kasi for the price talaga nakakaduda. But, my other classmates use it and they don't have any negative to say about it, so I told myself why not try :)

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Jenny Austria Hi Jenny, maybe your sister have the new set of colors. Mine was in the old set. I really don't know how to determine if it is fake or not. Usually talaga shops sells it around 50 pesos, and I can't find naman na nag sesell ng higher than that. :)

Clai Litiatco said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Hello! Thanks for the review! I really want to try the new 505 shade (the nude one) it looks very nice. The 507 shade looks like the old 505 shade. Check out my blog too. I have reviews of Excel. :)

Cocktail Dresses canada said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Like this Excel Paris lipstick, and I want to know weather it can last up to 24 hours!

krystel jabonitalla said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I love it too. I just apply lipbalm before I put this on.

jowi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Thanks! I'm worried to try one kaya I look for review. @krystel wen un put lipbalm before putting matte madali na sya naalis pag wash mo n?

jowi said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@krystel wen u apply lipbalm before putting matte madali mo na sya na wash?

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@jowi Hi! it's more easier to remove lang pag lipbalm, but hindi parin siya ganoon kadali ma wash :)

rona said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Hi can u pls tell me where I can buy this lipstick. I've been looking for this in Robinson's plce manila but unfortunately they don't have it

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@rona Hi dear I bought mine here

Abbygail Palines said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Miron aq nyan kaso pagkumakaen ka ska sya nabubura so dats mean pati un nakakaen mo gusto q dn malaman bka my side effect aww...

Nina said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Abbygail Palines I'm not quite sure either if it's 100% safe. Until now, i don't know it's contents.

Anonymous said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Hy its really good good good product for me as i m married. No matter what eating drinking it iiiisssss oooooossssummmmm yarrrrr.

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