Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Arnie's Movie Posters

I like you to see Arnie's masterpieces.
Our very talented friend Arnie made these all. She is our batch-mate at Diliman Preparatory School (our alma matter). She is making movie posters of her favorite stars, as part of her hobby. 

The first time I saw her works, I thought it was a real coming soon movie. The "When Sneakers met Stilettos" is my favorite. Wish it was real, her posters were really convincing, makes me want to watch it badly! 

When Sneakers Met Stilettos
When It Happens
Flawed Perfection
For Keeps
Partners In Crime
Picture Perfect
I Promise you
Thirteen Reasons Why
A Glimpse of Me
It's So Damn Clever

Beautiful, isn't? 


custom holiday cards said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I am really the great fan of Selena Gomez. And it's really good to know about her movie posters. The all are really looking so rocking and classy. I am highly impressed to see all of these posters. This one is exotically looking just authentic and heart throbbing collection. Thanks for sharing.

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