Monday, May 2, 2011

Imma Rockstar : If you can’t be one, dress like one.

When boredom comes, I dream who I wanna be. 
This project of mine was inspired by the YRYS shopping bag's print

I was really bored that day, I wanted to took pictures for Chictopia but I am to lazy to dress up. And so, I decided to have face shots (since I also wanted to change my profile picture on facebook)

I used a red eye shadow for the star on my left eye. I think it was the hardest part I did, it was difficult to make it look like a star. Unlike in paper you draw in a flat surface, and a star in face was really different. I can't decide whether I'll close my eyes or open it while applying the eye shadow, what a dilemma. 

I made my lashes to look long here. But I did not put any fake lashes, instead, I drew them. I put a lot of wings in the end of my eye liner, so it will have an illusion that it was long..

Nobody volunteered to took pictures for me  so I just used the camera's timer. It's quite tiring, not only that I am using the timer but, I am using DSLR it was really hard to focus the camera. I did a lot of test shots before I got the right focus. 

In the end, I was happy that it went well. Though, still I wish that Char and Chriza was here the time I did this, I miss my girls  I miss the times that we are having photo shoots. 


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