Friday, October 18, 2013

Twice Sometimes

After we graduated, for four years of being prohibited coloring our hair, it is our moment that we can legally dye our hair with any color we wanted! Together with my colleague, Kristine, we decided to have our makeover at Hairchitech Salon along Timog, in front of GMA. With the voucher we had, we got the hair coloring, hair treatment and hair cut for 700 php instead of 1800 php.

I wanted to have a light shade of brown so the stylist suggested that I can have the Intense Light Brown. Meanwhile my friend wanted dark reddish brown, so she picked Mahogany.

The Process
After the dye was applied we waited for one hour for the hair to absorb the color. The time they were rinsing my hair the stylist told me that he already applied the treatment. I thought the treatment would be a hot oil with the steamer or something similar to that, but instead it was just an after treatment conditioner.


Frankly, it is quite disappointing, maybe because I'm expecting for a better outcome. I wanted a lighter color and I clearly told what it should look but I did not get that result. I wanted a lighter color yet the color still seems to be dark. And for the hair treatment, I wasn't expecting for just an after treatment conditioner, so, if not because of the voucher we had I'll feel cheated for the price I paid. But on the positive side, I love how they treated us during our stay at the salon. They we're accommodating, sweet, and very friendly.

And since I didn't got the style I wanted. After a week I visited another salon near to my home. I asked if I could have another hair color for just a week after dyeing my hair. Well they said yes, and it won't damage hair if done with proper care. I had my second dye for 800 php with hair treatment. The treatment I got was no longer just a conditioner, but a hot oil! And I was glad. *smiles*

After, after.
Sometimes it takes twice, thrice or a hundred times before we get the things we wanted to achieve. But what is important, if you really wanted something don't be afraid to take chances. 

Random Questions
Do you dye your hair?
What's your dream hair color?


Rhea Bue | Styles and Writes said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

wooow!! love your hair color girls!! :D

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