Friday, April 6, 2012

Clear as a Rain

Thrifted sheer polka top | White tank top | Bazaar pleated shorts | Brown belt | Green accessories | Pearl necklace | Mattewo denim heels
Sorry about the recent brush doodles I made on my photos haha. I added it up because I think it's cute :"> and this is to show a little of what I think about my outfit.
My look has terno-colors! :D All these cool shades of blue reminds me of rain, swimming pool and the beach. I badly wanted to go to the beach right now huhu.
I bought this sheer polka top a long time ago from ukay, thinking that I could make a beach bag from it. But the idea has passed and I totally forgot about it. Now, I found it folded deep down in my cabinet. I didn't know that it will look good over a white tank top and pleated shorts, well not until now haha.

(hugs and kisses! haha)


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