Sunday, March 25, 2012

Lissa Kahayon x David Guison Workshop

Our first agenda for summer was to attend LK x DG Styling, Power Dressing & Photography Workshop at the Ariato Function Center Il Terrazzo Penthouse hosted by The LiST Group. This was our first time to attend any fashion-related seminar and we had a blast!

Awesome brands like TrunkShow, Hang Ten, Cole Vintage etc. sponsored so much stuffs to be used for the Styling Challenge!
If only school discussions were like this, then I wouldn't get bored at all! I'd be motivated to go to school everyday! Ha! I'll promise to take a fashion course right after college! I was such a good student here. I didn't even miss a word! Haha. Unlike in regular school, I'd be doodling and mind-sleeping (my invented term for sleeping with my eyes open. LOL!) the whole time.
Nina and I were separated during groupings for the Styling Challenge! They did that on purpose so that we get to meet new friends. Haha! Anyway, I think it's better because if they didn't separate us then it will be just the two of us in a group.
This is what my group had come up. We were assigned to Cole Vintage.
And this was for Nina's group. They were assigned to Cole Vintage as well. We were rivals at that time.
Met new people! :"> I didn't get to ask for their Twitter/FB accounts though.
If you're reading, contact me!! Haha
Nina was surprisingly called in on raffle draw! How lucky!
Photo Op with Lissa Kahayon and David Guison!
And our second photo with them! Yeyy!
We also witnessed an actual outfit shooting of Lissa with David. In action! Paparazzi style.
Loot bag from Goody and other sponsors
I used minimal accessories to accentuate my boots

Black studded vest fromTomato | Tank tops from Hong-Kong | Leggings from R.A.F. | Boots from Call It Spring


Beige knitted cardigan from Tomato | Floral detachable collar from Genevieve Gozum | Cupcake printed top | Denim laced shorts from thrift store | Beige sandals from Celine



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