Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Under the Mistletoe

Christmas is coming! I can feel the spirit of it now. lol. (The title of this post was inspired by Justin Bieber's new song.. haha!) Have you guys went Christmas shopping already? Well if not, Nina and I found a cool site ideal for Christmas gifts and such. We picked some of our personal likes from the site.

*click on the photos to view price details, etc.*

There are a lot of cool stuff in the site and I honestly want to post 'em all here and share it to you guys but I just have to stop myself. Haha.

Aqua Phone Case and Aqua iPad Case
This is perfect for swimming!

iMusic Wireless Hat
This is actually cool! It's double purpose -- a hat and earphones in one! What I like about this is that it can go as a disguise, too! And this is perfect for commuting/public transportation, gadgets easily catch the eyes of the snatchers.

Mini Digital Video Camera
What's not to love with this one? I can capture anything anytime!

Memory Foam iMusic Pillow
So unique! I love gadgets like this.
I can listen to music without earphones that might choke me while I sleep. lol.

Boogie Board LCD Writing Tablet

Electronic Dictionary Bookmark
I love reading foreign novels and this one will be really helpful and convenient.


I do love watching movies at home, having this pop-corn and slushie maker will give me complete movie experience. Also, this is very useful during house party haha, it is very convenient and I'm sure my guests will like it.

I really want this coin bank! I've seen this already in tumblr, it soooo cute. A sneaky cat trying to steal your coin. Perfect gift for people who are obsessed in cute things haha. 

Having sip of coffee in a "lens like container" would be really cool! haha perfect gift for friends who are photography-holic~

It is a TV remote wand, and I am very curious if it really works haha here are the gestures you need to do in order to change channel, volume, etc. 

Magical Gestures:
  1. Rotate anticlockwise
  2. Rotate clockwise
  3. Flick upwards
  4. Flick downwards
  5. Flick left
  6. Flick right
  7. Tap on top
  8. Tap on side
  9. Big swish
  10. Push forward
  11. Pull back
  12. Double tap top
  13. Double tap side
Cool right! I'ts like you are a student in Hogwarts hahaha I wonder what else can it do :)

Check out these cool gift ideas at


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