Sunday, July 24, 2011

Shaiyie's Awards Night Debut

Shairah (Shaiyie) Cometa's stunning entrance wearing her royal indigo gown.

Her escort is not her boyfriend, but soon to be her boyfriend haha! 

Her debut theme was "Awards Night". Instead of the traditional 18 dance, 18 wishes and 18 candles, she had the 18 talents, 18 clappers and 18 awards.
In 18 talents, they will choose a song and sing it for Shaiyie, 18 clappers will share the most memorable moment with her and 18 awards will give her an award and trophy that best represent her. Shaiyie said that she never had an award or a  trophy before, that's why on her special night she wanted to be awarded by her friends.

Here is Char, busy in the registration area. She was assigned by Shaiyie to check all the names of the guests who came to the event. 

While Char is in the registration area, I was also busy taking pictures with our friends. haha

Kwan, Raiza and Din-din
Kwan and Raizie
Din-din and Billedo 

Char was tired after her work in the registration area 
but, she was relief because dinner was next!  

Dinner time!

Eat well Char!

After the dinner the 18 talents was next. Char and I weren't there because neither of us sings hahaha But we did still participate on other 18's, which are the 18 clappers and 18 awards. 

The ceremony was quite long so we had a lot of time taking pictures! 

in the hallway and comfort room

in the photo booth

paparazzi pictures while we are in the photo-booth! hahaha

face-shots! or I rather call eye-shots haha

Char's eyes were scary while Nina's(me) eye bags were even more scary 

I love Char's contacts haha

We wish you a Happy Birthday Shaiyie! :*

*photos without CHARNINA watermark, are Shaiyie's official photos 


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