Thursday, July 28, 2011

Redhead Model Search

Heyyyah everyone! Char here! Gotta post this 'coz it has been on queue for like forever!
This happened on June 12 and I was just able to post it now. LOL.

So here's the story, I found out on Facebook that there will be a MODEL SEARCH for the Girl's Teens Wear Redhead brand at SM Department Stores. I first looked at the mechanics and I am so glad that the height requirement is just 5'1" or above. So I'm qualified! I'm 5'3"! lol. I immediately told Nina about it (I usually tell her these kind of things first!) and she accompanied me to SM to audition!

Registering at the Registration Area
Waiting for my turn to have my makeover!

Maybelline Products

More Maybelline Products!

My turn! <3

I just looooove free makeovers! And I want that glam makeup mirror!!
Nina taking behind-the-scene shots using her uber cute leopard cellphone!
Thank you Maybelline New York for the free makeover!
Viola! I hope you can see the difference! Lol!
The Runway
The photographer giving instructions
And me listening very carefully :)
Getting ready for my shoot! I'm pumped!
Work it!
Flaunt it!
Smile! :)
The photog and staff
After the mini-shoot..
Char and Nina

Unfortunately, when my photo was published on their official website, the quality wasn't good. I wasn't able to get a copy of my photo but the lighting was just poor. And I'm the only one with that kind of problem. I don't know! Maybe the photographer wasn't ready when I'm up. I even emailed Redhead regarding my concern and they edited my photo but still, it wasn't good enough. I looked edited in a bad way. It's too bad that I was not able to show them my full extent.

Imagine that I could win a 60,000 pesos of modeling contract for 1 year at SM Department Store, be the newest brand ambassador of Redhead and have an awesome experience!

But, I was not selected as one of the top 12 finalists to undergo model training and have a chance to be one of the 3 winners.. (Sad) But it's totally fine! I've moved on.. LOL! I know that I'll be experiencing lots of rejections in this field considering my lack of height and foreign-looking features, but I will not stop trying. Opportunities will keep on coming and I'll make sure that I'm ready for them all the way! Everything happens for a reason. If God made me LOVE modeling so much, then there's no way that I won't be able to fulfill my dream. He knows that I will be able make it. This was just not the right stepping stone for me, yet. I already realized one factor, the training will undergo for a week! And I have classes which I couldn't skip because of our upcoming midterm examination. So yeah, thank God! I know he's preparing a lot of better opportunities for me. Not just for me, but for all of you too! Whatever your dream in life, just keep on fighting and working for it! Take every good opportunity as it may open doors for your success!

Share me your Dream / Goal in Life.. I'm willing to listen! Just comment here!


Lea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Whoa! Modelling! Nice! Looking good!
I'm sure you'll reach your dream of becoming a model.
This post made me remember how my mom was thinking of making me a model. HAHA! That was such a joke. Even now, she was asking me if I want to try some modelling class. Haha! It's really funny, but I don't think modelling is for me.

BTW, I'm also Pretzel. This is my other personal blog ( I created not long ago. :D Hope you could follow me back. Followed you too. :)

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

@Lea - Wow! Why didn't you take the classes? Well, if it's not really your interest, then don't force yourself.. Follow your heart! <3

Lea said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I didn't take it coz I don't think I'm suited for it. HAHA! And I'm a bit shy. HAHA! BTW, thanks! As much as possible, I enjoy most of the things I do for my future career. HAHA!

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