Saturday, December 25, 2010

Day 1: Ten things you wanted to be/want to be when you're older.

For the first challenge. Actually my favorite of 'em all because I have lots of dreams and goals in life. I'm a dream-big-kinda-girl.

So here it goes,

  1. Top on my list is to be a High-paid Runway, High Fashion or Editorial Model. More specifically, to be a Victoria Secret Angel. :">
  2. CEO or Owner of my own Fashion Company -- Like Tyra Banks's Bankable Productions (Modeling, TV Shows, Movies, Clothing Line, Books, etc)
  3. A Hollywood actress and singer (if only i could sing)
  4. A Chief Public Accountant
  5. An Information technology expert or Computer expert, working in a high technology company like Intel or IBM etc.
  6. A world-champ Badminton/Gymnastics/Ice skating/Taekwondo athlete.
  7. A successful career woman with a happy and complete family
  8. A successful and big-time blogger with my lifetime bestfriend Nina
  9. A legendary fashion icon and role model. More specifically, to be a Disney star.
  10. A desginer (fashion, interior, web etc.)


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