Thursday, December 30, 2010

"Chriza-mas" Presents

because of our busy days Char and I can't find time to blog things happened to us. So now, we are rewinding things of what we did last few days. 

December 20, 2010

Char and I went to trinoma to buy gift for Chriza. (It is her Debut in December 24, and since her birthday is before Christmas, we will buy a 2-in-1 gift for her)
at first we are really clueless what gift to give so we browse at the mall for a long time

one of the stores we went
so tired of walking 
OMG found a manikin wearing dress same like mine!
Char found these fabulous shoes and having hard time to pick one 

she end up buying this

I also bought shoes!

and finally~! we found a gift for Chriza while buying our shoes.
We also bought a killer heels for her!
and i forgot to take a picture for it, but later you can see it the time that we will give it to her.

it was a tiring day but fun! and we are so happy because we already have a gift for chriza

December 21, 2010

Chriza has no idea that we will give her shoes
she was so surprise when she saw our gift for her
her smile was priceless

chriza receiving the gift

Chriza was so surprised!

she fit it and it was exactly her size
We are really happy that she like our gift!
she liked it so much that she already used it on the day we gave it to her.

now, we three have killer heels!





Aya Lovalley said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

Give me a christmas gift too! :p
Well, pretty nice heels... LOVE THEM BOTH! You guys are know how fashion taste of each other... CHAR NINA RAWKS! :)

Char said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

hahaha hey aya :) thanks!

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