Friday, October 15, 2010

Know This First.

This is the first time I'm writing a blog...formally, so please, forgive me!

Let me tell you things about my self first.

I am an artist and I am proud of my works, some how? So if you have time take a peek on my site

I don't usually write, I just write when I have to. And I am still wondering how Char made me agree to write and have a blog site with her. EEhh this is embarrassing.

I also have a blog in multiply and I also write there, but not that much. My multiply site is more like a diary or a copy of our conversations, I see it funny somehow so I make a copy of it in a form of a blog as a remembrance hehe.

I edit pictures and videos and I enjoy doing that! I want to be a programmer, digital artist, film editor... uwa~ but I ended up taking Nursing because my parents want me to, so bye-bye dream jobs! :(

I love Anime! I love Japanese culture too. On how much I love Anime
, Char does it in Disney.

Char=Disney Girl : Nina=Anime Girl

Well enough for my first blog, I can't say a thing anymorrreee! hehe

NYAA T^T forgive my writing,


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