Friday, June 14, 2013

Winter on June

I know that most of you are beginning their classes or getting ready for their first day, but on the contrary my vacation had just started! To celebrate that, we went out to MOA to chill off in the ice skating rink. It’s been a while since we had a get-together like this. I really miss my friends and it feels good to have these moments after the stressful work on school. I've been too busy lately on school that I can barely use the internet. As you can see, our recent blog posts are mostly about features or throwback posts. But don't worry! Now that my vacation has officially started I can go back blogging again.

Ice skating and all the gliding may look very simple. But, it wasn't easy as I thought when you're actual doing it. I was stuck standing for minutes regaining my balance on the ice. I don’t want to fall not only because that I'm wearing skirt that day, but I have my camera with me and I don't want to broke my cam! It was a relief because through out the day I didn't fall, though there are many times that I almost slipped, haha.

Hong-kong white butterfly top | Forever 21 leather shorts | Tightsplease heart tights | SM accessories (Men's) bonnet

Divisoria white long sleeve top | Genevieve Gozum black lace skirt | SM accessories tights | Kiat-Kiat Shop necklace

By the way, we met the winner of BIG GIVEAWAY: Vax Bolsarium Barcelona Laptop Bags to claim his price. Congrats again Cyron


Em said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

yey! you're back! I missed reading your outfit posts :))

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