Friday, February 22, 2013

Wild Pair

Girls adore heels, we all know that. We would wear them all night to parties and events even though we know our feet will die in the process. Tiis ganda nga diba. But we can't stay wearing these 5-inch skyscraper babies forever. We always end up removing them at the end of the night. And our ultimate savior would be our trusty flats and sandals!

The same goes for me and Nina all the time! We never go out without our flats. First, because we commute most of the time. Second, because you could never know what might happen. Nina literally broke her heel twice. One, on a night out with our friends and then on fashion week! Yes, you've read it right, fashion week. (See our post about that night here: But fashionistas would anticipate that any time and will always be ready for a solution! Just bring extra heels (which can be hectic if you don't have a ride) or your flats (which is very convenient to bring obviously). That way you'll save yourself from further humiliation of walking all the way home with one broken heel and you save your feet from torture as well. So don't underestimate your flats, ladies! Love them like how you love your high heels. Strap on those fancy sandals. They can be pretty show-stopping and wild, too!

Find your wild pair sandals now! Here are some of my picks for you..

And since we all couldn't resist heels, they also offer a variety of cute heels and wedges to choose from! They all come in different colors and sizes, too. Perfect for summer and night outs!
Aren't these gorgeous? What are you waiting for? Get your wild pair sandals now!

P.S. Share your shoe stories at the comment section below. We'd love to hear them and you might help others prevent such circumstances too!


MaryJane Tauyan said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

agree that all girls are shoes lovers! me too! love that second to the last pair of flat shoes and i love all the high heeled oneS! xx

JHEN said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I always adore girls whose wearing heels. and I think I'm the only girl doesn't own any ordinary casual heels. haha! I only have formal heels which i wore once. trol -_- and oooh! i like those flat sandals! the image 2, 3, 4 :3 I would love to buy one of those flat sandals :)) and those wedges are so pretty! I like image 5 and 7 :D


Rhea Bue said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

OMG! I love their heels! Especially the thin strappy heels the looks like Zara :)

lalalaPatricia said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I'm looking for a pair of shoes in the moment though i'm still saving. Do you know a shop that sells cheap but pretty shoes? :)

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