Thursday, February 28, 2013

Go Supre This Summer

Okay, so we only have 2 weeks left in school 'til finals and finally we could blog more again. If you have been a regular visitor in our blog, you'd notice that we haven't posted so much about 'us' lately. Well it's because college senior year is so hectic, and don't even get me started about stress. That's why I just can't wait for summer! I can honestly smell summer here around the corner, it's been hella hot lately. And hot doesn't even describe it, the sun burns right through my skin! Oh, Philippine sun, Y U always want me to get tanned? Haha! So! Speaking of summer, what do we girls always anticipate every summer? Aside from the fact that school's over and the beach, boys and bikinis, girls are pretty much excited to wear and shop for their summer outfits! Besides, this is everyone's favorite season, right?

Denim shorts are always on the top of our lists. They can never go wrong during this season and you can pair them with almost everything. But if you're already tired of wearing your tees, crop tops and corsets to pair with your denims and bottoms, you could try out leotards. Leotards can be matched with anything as well! They are basic and a staple piece of clothing. Works well for different seasons throughout the year, too. From swim to casual to night, inner or outer, you could pair these and achieve different looks in an instant!

Check out some of my picks for you to try out this summer!

And hey, these are all below Php1000! A totally good find, right?
Grab your very own leotard now!


lalalaPatricia said... Best Blogger Tips[Reply]

I love this idea! Never thought of that. Hope it fits me well if ever! :)

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