Sunday, September 18, 2011

September Feature: Color Matching

 First Be Featured Entry in CharNina

Charlene Tan

Look Description:
Here's one of the photos that had been taken of me, not perfect, but peaceful :) hope you'll visit my visual diary/ occasional fashion updates! :) - Charlene

                           Char Says:
Charlene's outfit is totally young and fresh! I love the summer-y and preppy pieces together. My favorite part in this ensemble is the small white clutch and knee-high socks! She is definitely rocking the blue & white colors though a few beaded bracelets will add a little cute touch in here too! Very pretty! You're an 8.5! :)

                            Nina Says: 
What I first notice here was her knee-socks, it reminds me of anime school girls that use knee-socks in their uniforms which is really cute! I also like the color matching, blue floral dress, hat and socks. Her look was very charming and refreshing. It would be great to wear it outdoors during sunny days. I want to try wearing knee-socks and probably will also try this look! 

Thanks for sharing Charlene! Visit her awesome fashion diary to see more of her looks!

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