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Baguio Escapade: Walk The Talk

Our Baguio trip this 2013 is my first out of town trip without my parents, but only with my friends! I didn't even considered that this trip will ever be possible because we don't even had a concrete plan. We only had some small talks that someday before Chriza would graduate on UP Baguio we will go there to visit her. Since, it was my first time to get out of town without my parents. It is also my first time that I hold my budget for the whole trip. Usually, when I had my parents with me, I had no worry on how much I will spend. So, to tell you now, our trip is a little budget conscious, haha. We went there by a bus. Our fare is 450 per head one-way trip and the travel time is about 6-8 hours depends on the traffic. 

I am not familiar with the roads, but, I already knew that we were already at Baguio when I saw the thick fog and the sway of the zig-zag roads. We begin our tour as soon as we got there. Our plan is to explore Baguio without going to the usual tourist spots, because we want to enjoy 'Baguio' as it is. 

Navy Base
We stayed on a transient house at Navy Base. It costs 250 per head for a night. It’s a pretty decent place to stay. It has a free drinking water and a heater at the bathroom. There are no public vehicles here, you can only go in and out by walking or with taxi. But unlike in Manila, taxis in Baguio has lesser fare and gives you exact change even 1 peso. 

Sky World Commercial Center
Also known as the Skyworld Ukay-Ukay located along the Session Road. Baguio was known for having great place to have Ukay, and I understand the reason why once when we stepped here. It’s a 3 floor building flooded with stuffs! All sorts of things that are usually less than 200 php: from brand new to pre-loved; dresses, shorts, cardigans, pull overs, shoes, bags, accessories, toys, etc. And because it is a big place, the size overwhelmed us. It was really hard where to start browsing. It took us hours before we find an item we really wanted. When night (around 9:00 PM), some stores here goes to Bonifacio Street for the Night Ukay Market where they sell stuffs for as low as 10 php each!

Burnham Park
Bike, flowers, and boat rides. These are the few things that pops in my mind when I heard Burnham Park. It’s a perfect place to hang out to enjoy the scenery and chill with the cold breeze of Baguio.
Bikes for rent are everywhere! :)
pathway around the lagoon.
one of the new Burnham Park's new attraction the Rose Garden Fountain
The Baguio Orchard Garden

Baguio Cathedral
And since it was Sunday, we went church for a mass. Baguio Cathedral or also known as the Our Lady of Atonement Cathedral. It was known for its pink or rose color exterior and twin spires that was hard to miss the sight when you’re passing along the Session Road. It was built early 1930’s and some things remained the same like their traditionally made stained glass. 

University of the Philippines Baguio
As I mention earlier one of the reasons we went to Baguio is because we’re visiting our friend who studies here. It’s my first time to step on the vicinity of UP Baguio. I may say the place was quite old, but it’s the reason why the campus makes special. It felt like it was filled with stories and wisdom.
UPB's Oblation
The "Cat Walk" where students usually walks their entrance to UPB
The "Abortion Stairs" not because someone had an abortion here
but, because of the steps you need to take before you reach the top
pregnant woman may find this difficult to climb,
so caution to pregnant women who'll be taking these stairs
The Medicinal Plant Garden

Outside UPB's canteen

Baguio Public Market
For our last day, we went to the Market to buy pasalubongs. I was surprised because it is one of the cleanest market I've seen. And stalls were segregated from what they sell; pasalubongs, walis/brooms, vegetables, meats, etc. I wish every market was like that, it's not hard to find what you're looking for when things were already sorted.
Sundo't Kulangot sizes in variety
One of the places I enjoyed in the market
they sell cheap but high quality coffee beans!
only 200-250 php per kilo

You might have all the products that Baguio had, but there are things that you can't buy. The view, the smell of pines and the cold crisp of air as the wind blew. 

We will definitely miss Baguio, I hope we could have trips like this more often.



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